Anécdotas 4

The particular world of Elvis.
Bad eating habits

August 1973, ninth season in Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel. Elvis returns again to the city of sin to perform the summer season as in previous occasions, but his circumstances have changed considerably.
It is curious that a person as careful of his appearance, of his image, as Elvis Presley was, could not control his weight and on this occasion his physical circumstances began to change so that it would be impossible for him to regain the ideal weight to perform in his engagement in Las Vegas.
He had always had problems with this, because Elvis had a tendency to put on weight, really his eating habits were very particular and it was clear that what he could eat would have been important for a healthy life and to be able to control his weight.
At this time his pressure from work, the breakup or simply the habit of overeating or taking medication could be the reason why Elvis could not have the right weight. Really when a person is not well, his appearance is a reflection of the interior, many tend to put on weight, others to lose weight, but undoubtedly someone who is dedicated to the show has to always take care of his image, because it is part of his show. Although really the important thing would always be the voice in a singer, but for Elvis it was very important on and off stage the image, the clothes and this had not changed until now.
It is contradictory after the recent success of April, a successful tour, plus the televised program "Aloha From Hawaii", that Elvis had not been driven and motivated precisely by the favorable situation for him in his projects. But it was clear that all this was not enough for him, because he neglected his image, most likely because of the excess of pills, Demerol that he was consuming.
For Elvis, eating was one of the things that gave him the most pleasure in his life and he had very special eating habits, since when he liked something he ate it in excess. For example, he loved doughnuts and was capable of eating a whole box of 12 doughnuts, without thinking about it. He didn't really measure the consequences, because so far whenever he put on weight he had the ease and willpower to get back to the right weight when he should and wanted to.
At home, Elvis was used to eating whatever he liked, his mother always took care of him and made sure there was enough food for everyone. Since he became famous she continued to take care of him and made him his favorite pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade pie, sometimes roast pork with cranberries, crispy fried chicken, etc. Also vegetable soups, Bacon and Tomato Sandwich and of course one of her favorites was Peanut Butter Sandwich with milk and banana, hamburgers, etc. As time went by and his mother passed away, Elvis continued to eat with the same habits, but by 1973 his need for sweets was increasing due to the pills he was taking.
Elvis invariably slept all day and usually woke up around 2 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. His breakfast consisted of a pint of orange juice (half a liter), a cup of black coffee and a six-egg omelet with a couple of pounds of burnt cheese with bacon (the equivalent of one kilogram). Then in a couple of hours, he would get hungry again and it was his habit to order cheeseburgers with ketchup. At show time, he would leave dinner until after the show and then go back to eating before bedtime. Evidently it was unhealthy since he would sometimes fall asleep while still eating dinner and could not digest before going to sleep. There was also the ice cream, he would eat it in blocks and on many occasions he would get any of his friends up in the wee hours of the morning to get him more ice cream.
It is true that he could eat other things, logically it was not every day the same, but in general this was his habit and at this time he also had another recent mania which was to eat in yogurts, sometimes he ate up to 24 yogurts. He always drank cold bottles of Mountain Valley Springwater, he didn't like tap water. But it was too many calories, he could easily consume 25,000 calories in a day, it was an excess that would sooner or later take its toll on his health.
Normally Elvis would always come to his senses and go on a diet and get back in shape, but in August 1973, he wasn't in the mood to change his habits, or anything else.
But it is very possible that Elvis didn't give it so much importance, until he saw the criticisms of the newspapers, this could hurt him a lot. His sensitivity was very great and it was always important what others said about him. But there were so many things that affected him then, that this would no longer be anything for him.
At this time he had not gained much weight, but it was logically noticeable compared to previous concerts, but what was clear was that singing in Las Vegas, at the Hilton Hotel, no longer meant for Elvis any incentive, no risk, no challenge and therefore he let himself be neglected without taking into account his audience. Although we all know that his fans had always loved him in any situation and despite the changes, their love was unconditional and this would not be an obstacle for him to remain their idol.
Although he wanted to ignore the criticism about his appearance, unfortunately, the press would begin to insist on his physical appearance, more than on his own show.
But Elvis was following his line, his way of being and would not allow anyone to tell him what he should and had to do , in this and everything else.
"Following the Way of the King..."

The psychology of man
Elvis 1973

One of the people who could always know much more about the truth, the customs, the health of Elvis was his personal doctor, George Nochopoulos, who was one more member of his companions from tour to tour, at home and everywhere. time had to be aware of him. Although he always had the distrust of Vernon Presley, who thought that he was the cause of his addiction to drugs, over time he realized that, on the contrary, he was trying to prevent Elvis from consuming what was prescribed. But it was difficult to fight against a person of character as particular as Elvis.
There has been a lot of talk about the reasons why Elvis could be a dependent person and especially in this time of May 1973, in which he had separated and his family nucleus was broken. Obviously when he tried to help Elvis Presley change his habits and found out that there were many doctors and people willing to please him, he tried to stop all this. But the opinion of a doctor would always give us an even more logical explanation of what could be happening. His personal doctor for years, Nichopoulos, who knew Elvis very well and was one more member of his team, even prohibited him from taking drugs that he did not prescribe and warned him of future physical problems for this reason. But he also observed very correctly that the environment in which Elvis lived, with his close friends, was very limited, in terms of conversation, since Elvis was very bored, he did not find in them topics that interested him and this is what that he always sought outside of there.
They supported him psychologically, but really Elvis did not have enough influence and confidence, at least the majority to make him change course. Nichopoulos said that Elvis didn't like people getting into his brain, so it was a constant struggle trying to figure out the causes. One of them, and a very important one, was the lack of sleep, since Elvis slept for only three hours and woke up unable to sleep. For years this would be the initial cause to depend on drugs, to be able to endure the day, to be able to sing, etc. But over time, neither he nor he was able to sleep like this, his doctor advised him to enter a sleep conic, so that this problem could be corrected. But he would have the Colonel's obstacle, because he didn't want this, he didn't want to lose income from his work. Elvis did not really rest, so his body would begin to experience changes and his health would deteriorate.
Nichopoulos after many years, came to the conclusion, after many conversations with him, he came to the conclusion that if Elvis could resolve his relationship with a woman, he would have eighty percent earned to control an advance. Elvis never accepted the death of his mother, for this reason he wanted in women that maternal figure that he had lost. Regardless of gender, because he had many relationships, in his search for something stronger and more lasting, Elvis could only maintain such a lasting relationship with this type of woman. In these years, Linda Thompson fitted this pattern, Elvis even called her Mommy, because of the way she treated him, cared for him, etc.
This, she said, was the main reason Elvis could grow inside and not depend so much on these drugs, but it was clear that Elvis was looking for something very special, not just this type of woman, but also someone who would understand his soul as an artist, his search or as he said, his mission in life.

"Following the Path of the King..."

True friendship. Elvis and Jerry
Anecdotes 1973

Elvis and Jerry Schilling were very good friends, for many years, there was a mutual understanding and a great affection, although sometimes their way of thinking was different. Jerry was a good-looking man, a former star athlete for Memphis Catholic Schools. He kept himself in impeccable shape, a very kind and considerate man and a devotee of healthy foods. He was a boy from Memphis and a loyal member of the Memphis mob. But Schilling and Presley sometimes had their differences, the reason is that Jerry, like Sonny, Red and Dave, was very frank in his treatment, his words with Elvis, he always used to tell him his opinion, regardless of whether it would be well or badly received . This also happened to Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike, who more than once were fired by Elvis for saying things he didn't like. Elvis wanted above all sincere and loyal friendship in his members of the Mafia, but sometimes his way of being was stronger than his ideal of loyal staff and he also put his foot in, without counting the consequences, he simply got carried away. One of Elvis's biggest weaknesses were women and unfortunately, sometimes he couldn't resist his way of being and this could give him problems, especially considering that he was formally dating Linda Thompson.
 But it was clear that fidelity had not been made for him, in the love aspect and this could break more barriers if he was not careful. At this time, April 1973, Elvis and Jerry were both divorcing, although Jerry was taking it slower. But he fell in love with a girl and had a parallel relationship, which made him definitely think that he would no longer have a chance to fix his marriage. These days he noticed that Elvis had distanced himself from him, he did not look at his face, even though he was with the others and one day, Elvis finally approached him and explained why. He told her that one night when Jerry fell asleep, his girl and he had an affair, only once, for which he felt very embarrassed with him, he didn't know what to do and since then, remorse got the better of him. 
Jerry, who was an excellent friend, was furious, but told him that fortunately he had confessed it to him and the relationship was consented. It would have been horrifying to find out from others what had happened, this caused Jerry to leave this girl, also his wife Sandy forgave him and he in turn forgave Elvis, although their marriage was already destroyed and could never be fixed again. This is an example of what could happen if Elvis, let himself go, did not put his friends before, but his desires, curiously, he was the most generous man in the world, but he was also human and made the odd mistake, but he had never apologized to no one. This was the first time he apologized for something that could have broken a good friendship, with someone who loved him despite his flaws. 
Elvis was never faithful in love, her relationship with Linda continued, but this still did not prevent him from having others, although deep down he could not do without her, because he was special and different from the others. He never really knew how to truly love, to give himself fully, but friendship was something very important to Elvis and this stuck like a thorn, until he could confess it. Elvis had a very noble background, he really loved Jerry and because of that, He didn't know how to remedy what he had done, fortunately it was with an affair, not with his wife. It is possible that this made Jerry think, despite his annoyance, that deep down it was something he himself was doing. The members of the Mafia have been criticized a lot, believing that they were all interested and that they were only with Elvis, for gifts or money. But it was not true, most of them were at his service for years with a salary that did not cover their needs, despite the gifts, the adventurous life they lived with Elvis, there was much more, the sincere affection of friends who knew share, the good and bad moments and forgive the mistakes. 
Loyalty despite mistakes, gratitude despite pain and the greatness of recognizing mutual mistakes, would be what made this true friendship prevail.

"Following the King's Path..."

Friendship and Karate
Anecdotes 1973

Elvis loved karate, it was his passion, as well as music, since he started years ago with this great sport. His interest dates back to the time he was serving in the military, where he read an article about Hank Slomandsi, who was said to have faced 150 opponents in one day. From there he would begin to give classes three times a week. It was for him, important for his mental rest, his particular philosophy of life and for his personal training. Whenever he had time, he dedicated it to practicing karate, with his friends who also shared his hobby with him. Elvis innovated his shows with his karate movements on stage, he associated it with his other passion, music.

On April 2, Ed Parker, his friend and instructor, promoted Elvis to a sixth degree black belt in his International Kenpo Karate Association . He also plans a Karate Championship organized by him in San Francisco, California, where students from all over the United States and other countries will meet there. It would be the biggest tournament in the world that had been organized and an opportunity to see the best karatecas. Everyone with Elvis, they were excited because it would be a great event for anyone interested in karate.
Elvis was going to attend the tournaments, which were being promoted by Ralph Castro. But when they arrived in the city the night before, they saw that there were advertisements in the newspaper, where it was said that Elvis Presley would be at the tournament in person. Also, at the entrance to the Arena, there was a large marquee, where you could read "Elvis Presley in person". Someone had used his name to promote him to the championship.
Dave Hebler who saw him with the rest of the companions went to the Hyatt House, where Elvis stayed, who was with Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling. Someone mentioned Elvis, what was on the ads and all of a sudden, all hell broke loose. Dave remembered that the news had not only angered Elvis himself, but had reached Colonel Parker and he was very upset, really angry. The explanation lay in the deal Elvis had with his next performance in Lake Tahoe, where he said he couldn't appear publicly for the next three weeks, within a radius of six hundred miles. This appearance would breach this term, if Elvis went incognito, nothing would have happened, but all these ads broke the clause.
Finally they gave the order to remove the marquee with this ad, since Elvis Presley's name could not appear in it . 
All this disappointed Elvis, because he really wanted to go to the championship, but then there was the betrayal. It would never have been thought that his friend Ed Parker would have used his name, without his consent, to benefit at his expense. Poor Elvis, as was the custom, could not enjoy something ordinary, to be able to see something he wanted without having to be recognized and worse, used. Although it is true that nobody really knew who was the one who spread the rumor, nor who used it to attract the attention of possible attendees, although Dave Hebler believed that it was Ed Parker, due to excess of enthusiasm. For this reason, he and Elvis were estranged for a while.
The next problem was to deny the announcement and be able to look good, so as not to harm Elvis's image, nor that of the tournament. Dave Hebler had to assume that role, he had to get in front of about ten thousand people and tell them that Mr. Presley would not attend the championship. The feeling he had was that he was cheating, when in fact the abuse was towards Elvis, but he explained that the promotion was a mistake and that if someone wanted the money from him, they would return it to him. He had the organizers behind him who told him they were watching his back. But it was a bad drink, which fortunately had no consequences, although there were boos, Dave with his aplomb told them that they were there to see a good karate tournament, this made them finally shut up. Red and Sonny West spoke very well to Elvis about Dave's performance, but he knew he could do it well, he had an intuition with him.
Red West, like Elvis himself, believed that Elvis had a special gift, to know in advance, he had a special intuition for many things that Red he had witnessed, he knew he had a special gift or vision with people. It was a great disappointment for him, so he would return to Los Angeles on April 9. Despite Elvis's bad taste and having to return without seeing his tournament, his teacher Kang Rhee, who wanted to alleviate the disappointment a bit from Elvis, awarded him a seventh degree black belt at his Pasaryu karate school. He was awarded it due to the dedication and sincerity of his most famous student, rather than the achievements of his competition.
Although the diploma was subsequently awarded on September 4, 1974. An honor for him and a pride that he confesses is more important than the gold belt, which awarded him the International Hotel for Audience record, which he had shown off in public for so many years. Once again, effort and humility were more important than the natural gift of his talent.

"Following the King's Path..."

The Imitation of the Artist

Anecdotes 1973

In 1973, singer Bobbie Gentry was performing at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. She was a well known and successful artist as she was a singer-songwriter and one of the first female artists in the United States to compose and produce her own material. She rose to fame in 1967 with "Ode to Billie Joe," for which she reached number 1 on the Billboard charts and won 3 Grammys, for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1968. Bobbie established two publishing houses, Super Darlin' Productions (ASCAP) and Footboat (BMI) and organized them under its parent company Gentry Ltd. He enjoyed more success, but from 1970 he devoted himself to singing shows in Las Vegas and would eventually sing songs by other artists. During her show, in Las Vegas, in 1973, Bobbie incorporated a curious imitation of Elvis Presley, in his show that the public liked very much, because he performed it with the guitar and the "178 sexy movements of the King".
This imitation became known and reached the ears of Elvis, who every time he had time would go see shows by other artists in Las Vegas. He found it curious and of course funny, so he decided to see it in person. Her Mafia cronies urged him to see it, but it didn't take much prodding, because of Elvis's great curiosity. He dressed in one of his best velvet suits and went to see The Bobbie Gentry Show.

Elvis leaned against the wall, just at the end of the room, next to the door, so that he could see the performance and so that he could not be recognized and disturbed in the imitation. She was very amused to see a woman performing her sensual movements, since she would never have believed that an artist could imitate her, besides being known. The head waiter recognized him and asked him if he wanted to meet Gentry at the end of her show. Elvis nodded and then they escorted him backstage to a huge wheelhouse where Bobbie had her rest. It was like a trailer home where it was three quarters the size of a train car. Elvis really liked the trailer and also the curiosity that Bobbie also had a retinue of bodyguards like him.
Her surprise was taken by Gentry when she saw Elvis who was waiting for her after the show. She told him that she had really enjoyed his performance and liked the curiosity. Bobbie was happy she hadn't insulted him by impersonating him and invited him to take a tour of his house on wheels. Elvis was very impressed by Bobbie's personality, so much so that he started visiting her every night, even going out in public. It was strange that Elvis would let himself be seen with her, because he was dating her Linda and this news spread through Las Vegas, so he would soon be seen in the press. Bobbie's family also found out about her and asked her about this relationship, but she gave no explanation. Linda Thompson knew about this adventure and although it hurt her, she allowed it, because she was really the one in her house. Again, the example of Priscilla and Ann Margret would be similar to this, but keeping their distance, because Elvis was already cautious in love. Simply Linda consoled herself by spending on shopping in Beverly Hills. She knew Elvis had a quirk and it wouldn't last, so she didn't do anything else. Over time, the relationship like many before it faded.
There would be a lot to talk about the Impersonators and their tribute to Elvis, since then, many artists would begin to imitate Elvis's show, out of admiration or to earn a living in some way. The funny thing is that Elvis's first Impersonator would be his own friend Red West, but not in a concert hall, but by Elvis' own order, Red was sent to do his voice in the recording room, simply because he didn't feel like singing that day. And Red West imitated him almost perfectly, as well as being a composer. But it has always been said that Elvis would not like what other artists do in his name and with this example, we know that he not only liked it, if it was done with respect and affection, but that he was amused and possibly proud of it. for another artist to imitate him. Imitation is the best display of flattery.

"Following the Path of the King..."

The unreality of the everyday

Anecdotes in the life of Elvis Presley 1973

One of the things that Elvis valued the most was his privacy and being able to do things his way, but fame inevitably forces the artist to be the target of the gaze of the public, his fans or other people. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid this situation and although in many cases it would be pleasant, in others it could be very annoying, since anything can happen. During the first years of success, Elvis lived surrounded by fans and was harassed by his admirers, so he always had to plan the outings he wanted to do in public and above all get used to this whole situation. And he would also surround himself with protection, for the safety of him and his family, as the years passed, it was difficult to see Elvis unaccompanied and almost impossible to see him in public places, only on rare occasions. His outings in Memphis were carefully planned, if he wanted to go to the movies, or go to the amusement park, he usually rented for himself and his entire company, sometimes at night. If he wanted to eat in a restaurant or go to a local he also had to rent it, the fact is that he did not dare to go out and enter any establishment alone. There are very few anecdotes about this and this is one of them. When he began his relationship with Linda Thompson, his life changed, his habits, since she was with him at all times, he took her everywhere, even on tour and he always shared many moments that he would never have shared, with his ex-wife. Lisa once told her that Priscilla told her that her Daddy took Linda everywhere and that she never let her come with him when she traveled and in Las Vegas, she only left at the beginning and end of the season. 
Although her relationship with her was very cordial and kind, it was natural that he was jealous of her and Linda understood that. It is true that Linda was very different and she was positive, fun and she always understood Elvis and his customs. But on one occasion, his girlfriend Linda Thompson was tired of the routine they had, of not being able to go out normally without having to plan how to where and with whom, so she asked Elvis to go out to eat a hamburger at McDonald's. She just wanted to improvise and get some fresh air, so they wouldn't have to notify the store, so they wouldn't have to shut it down for them. And to be able to go out without bodyguards, without worrying, just enjoy. For Elvis this was unthinkable or at least, he was no longer used to it, he didn't have that freedom, he didn't even think about it, nor did he show it. He had gotten used to this kind of life and in his thoughts he believed that he could not leave without anyone recognizing him. Only sometimes did he allow himself the luxury of taking his car or his motorcycle and leaving without anyone questioning whether he was Elvis Presley or not. At this request from Linda, Elvis was perplexed: “You know we can't do that. People would jump on me." 
Linda thought that she would not have to think about this and told her that she should not worry, that nothing would happen, she had a lot of conviction and Elvis agreed. They finally left in the car and headed to a McDonald's that was located very close to Graceland, at 4237 Elvis Presley Boulevard. A simple establishment where they went in and sat down to eat, there was not a lot of people, so Elvis was I would feel very relieved. Then they ordered a couple of hamburgers, for the moment nobody bothered Elvis, since they were sitting and nobody looked at him or approached him. After continuing to eat normally, a man approached his table where they were enjoying the moment. The man turned to Elvis and said, “I'm sick of people like you dressing like Elvis Presley. There is only one King." Obviously in a normal situation, Elvis would have laughed at all this with his friends, but since he was out of his normal environment, Elvis was confused and confused, so he told him: "My name is Elvis." And the guy, more enraged, replied: "No, you're not Elvis Presley. 
Since he did not believe him, Elvis felt even more confused and although he tried to convince him, he turned to Linda and said: can you tell this man who I am? And she stared at Elvis and replied: "Cut the roll now, George." It was clear that Linda, with her good humor, wanted the situation to finally be normal, to play down the importance and make a joke, but Elvis was even more confused. This experience really did not please him very much, because since then, Elvis would not eat again. at McDonald's." It was quite a surreal situation, since he was actually surprised that they didn't recognize him and, on top of that, they told him that it couldn't be him. But it was logical, since he hadn't been able to go out without someone harassing him for many years and this experience would be for him a very big contradiction. But Linda's attempt to break out of her usual world was unsuccessful, although the anecdote would be fun to remember: 

"Following the King's Way..."

December 21, 1970

The President and the King

One of the most anecdotal episodes in the life of Elvis Presley. The visit to the White House on December 21, 1970 and his meeting with Richard Nixon. After his concert tour in November and a few days off, Elvis was at his best moment. His tour had been an absolute success and critics would be unanimous in their praise for him. In addition, he had been notified (unofficially) that he had been nominated as one of the "Ten Most Remarkable Young Men in the Nation." They finally recognized his work as an artist, as a singer and he was happy. It was a time to give gifts, to celebrate, and above all, he was fully immersed in his new hobby: weapons and federal insignia. He had spent a lot, in excess, so the bills piled up in his father Vernon's office, who He went to reproach him for his attitude. Priscilla, his wife who heard everything that was happening, also told him that she was spending a lot of money. 

Elvis was upset by all this, he felt very offended because he understood that he was the one who earned this money. He wouldn't accept any argument for this, so he eventually got angry, to the point of walking out the door and disappearing. It wasn't the first time he'd done it, but he usually came back in an hour or two, but not this time. Everyone was waiting for him to return and would be worried because there was no news of his whereabouts. The reason was that he normally never went alone and it was the first time that they didn't know what to do. Elvis went to the airport and, with no clear direction, took the first plane that left for Washington.

 There he simply rode around the city in a limousine, with the intention of visiting his friend Joyce Bova, but it could not be so, so he took the plane back. Jerry Schilling his friend from the Mafia who was working in Los Angeles, received a call from Elvis who was in Dallas, on his way back to Los Angeles from Washington D.C. He needed his help and asked him to pick him up at the airport and find Gerald Peters, his new limo driver. Elvis called him "Sir Gerald" because he was Winston Churchill's driver. He had no luggage, just a small box with a comb, toothbrush, and his face was swollen because he had an allergic reaction to a medication he took for an eye infection. , in addition to having eaten chocolate on the plane. Jerry called a doctor when they got to the Hillcrest house, who treated him to get the swelling to go away, they spent the night there. The next morning Elvis told Jerry that he wanted to go back to Washington, but he didn't explain why. On the plane to the city, Elvis learned that Republican Senator George Murphy was also traveling. He went over to talk to him, and when he returned with Jerry, he asked for American Airlines stationery to write a letter he wanted to deliver to President Nixon. Jerry thought that he had gone crazy, but upon reading the letter he would understand the value and purpose of it. They stayed at the Washington Hotel, Elvis wanted to be incognito so he stayed under the name of Jon Burrows. Jerry called Graceland and contacted Sonny to explain that Elvis was fine, but with a promise not to give away anything about this trip. Once checked into the hotel, Elvis decided what he wanted to do. In the letter he wrote to Nixon, he explained that he wanted to help his country. He told her of his concern and his love for his homeland. He expressed his admiration for his position as president and explained that he had studied the culture of drugs, their use and communist brainwashing techniques... As an artist he told him that they did not consider him an enemy of young people , of the hippies and for this reason it was easy for him to be able, in a discreet way, to defend and serve his country as a federal agent. But in a natural way, communicating with people of all ages and as an artist reaching out to everyone as an example. He finally asked him for the official credentials to be able to exercise his position. 

He wanted to meet him and in a humble way he told him that he had a gift for him, and said goodbye with their contact numbers to locate him at the hotel. Elvis wanted Richard Nixon, the president of the United States, to grant him a federal badge to add to his collection . He decided that he should deliver it personally, so they showed up at the door of the White House. 

The episode was anecdotal with the guards, who finally agreed to deliver the letter to the president. Egil Krogh, who was the president's deputy attorney, called them to the Hotel so that they could finally have that meeting in the Oval Office of the White House. Although Nixon in In the first place, he would not show much interest, he understood that as an artist Elvis Presley could be of great influence on the youth and he agreed to meet him. Elvis, Jerry and Sonny West, who had arrived from Memphis, entered the White House to meet the president of the United States. As was the custom, Elvis carried weapons in the control l from the entrance, which complicated things a bit at the entrance control. (He also happened to him at the Airport but his fame was the best safe-conduct for him, because he flew with his weapons). In addition, he wanted to give the president a Colt 45 from the Second World War and he carried it in a box. 

The meeting was very special between the two. Elvis won over the president by showing him his insignia, family photos of him and with the gift he gave him. But also his personality did the rest. Everything he wrote in that letter, his patriotism, his desire to fight drugs, etc. He cited the Beatles as an unpatriotic example, and Nixon said that drug users were in the forefront of anti-American protest. He convinced Nixon to finally give him his plaque and to the surprise of Jerry and Sonny to give them the honor of meet him in person. Although many believe that all this was intentional, Elvis really intended to see Joyce Bova with whom he had had a history for a long time and, after his visit to the president, he was able to have that other meeting with her, despite that she had been angry with him recently. Elvis could convince and get anything he wanted. The reality of all this, despite wanting to have a plate for his collection, was that of the background of a noble man, proud of his country, who wanted above all to reach people with his music and help build a better world. The boy from Tupelo who wanted to become a great actor, a singer... he would finally try to give everything for his homeland. So was Elvis Presley .

"Following the Way of the King..."


Letter from Elvis to Nixon (Sheet 1)

Dear Mr. President:
First I would like to introduce myself. I am Elvis Presley, I admire him and I have great respect for his work. I spoke with Vice President Agnew in the Palm Strings three weeks ago, and I expressed my concern for our country. The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc., do not consider me their enemy, or an enemy of the establishment, as they call it. I call it America and...

Elvis' letter to Nixon (sheet 2)
... I like it. Sir, I can and I want to be at your disposal to help the country. I have no concern or motives other than to help the country. That is why I do not want to be given any specific title or position. I could and would like to be more useful if I were made an unrestricted federal agent, and I would help by doing it my way through my communication with people of all ages. First of all, I'm an entertainer, but all I need is federal credentials. I'm on this plane with him...

Letter from Elvis to Nixon (sheet 3)
Senator George Murphy and we have been discussing the issues facing our country. 

Sir, I am staying at the Washington Hotel, rooms 505-506-507. I have two men who work for me named Jerry Schilling and Sonny West. I am registered under the name Jon Burrows. I'll be here as long as it takes to get federal agent credentials. I have done an in-depth study of drug abuse and communist brainwashing techniques.

Letter from Elvis to Nixon (sheet 4)
...and I'm right in the middle of the whole thing,
where I can and want to do my best. I'm very happy to help as long as this is kept secret. You can order your staff or whoever it is to call me at any time today, tonight, or tomorrow. This year, I have been nominated as one of America's Ten Outstanding Young People. That will be on January 18 in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. I am sending you a short autobiography of mine so that you can better understand this

Letter that President Nixon wrote to Elvis Presley:

Joyce Bova and Elvis Presley

The real reason why Elvis Presley went to Washington, after being upset with the argument he had with his father Vernon on December 19, 1970, was to meet Joyce Bova. He had met her a year earlier in Las Vegas 1969.

Elvis and Joyce Bova

Joyce and Janice Bova were twin sisters by birth, they went to Las Vegas on vacation to spend a few days and met Elvis Presley in August 1969. It was their first season in Las Vegas during their performances at the International Hotel.Joyce wanted to see Elvis's show and insisted on attending his concert, although Janice was not very interested.When Elvis met her, he fell in love with her beauty and personality. her; and his kindness, his closeness, her sincerity made Joyce fall in love. Clearly there was something in her that Elvis saw in himself. It was clear that Elvis hit it off with Joyce immediately, their relationship was very special and he felt very close to her. Being a twin just like he was, made her special from the beginning. But she lived in Washington and this made it somewhat difficult for him to see her when he wanted, in addition to Elvis's marriage, so the relationship that could have reached more cooled little by little.
She wanted a real relationship and hoped that Elvis's interest would continue over time. But the life of an artist runs very fast and that of Elvis Presley even faster, because he was in a culminating moment of success that would bring about changes in his personality and in his treatment of her. In August 1970 Joyce would see him again at his Third season in Las Vegas, but Elvis's attitude was somewhat different and made Joyce angry with him, taking away from his thoughts any kind of hope. On December 19, Elvis argued with his father over financial issues, he felt offended for him, for his criticism, but what hurt him the most was that his wife, who never reproached him for anything, joined his father to argue with him. For this reason, he felt betrayed and enraged. Elvis told Joyce Bova that when he left his house, he had no direction, he went to the airport and since the first flight that left was from Washington D.C.
he thought of meeting her. He had wanted to see her for a long time and apologize to her for her attitude in Las Vegas. He missed her and needed comfort after the argument. He confessed that his father was really right and he had spent a lot of money, but that he believed that no one should blame him for this, because he was the one who really earned the money from his work. Joyce says that Elvis felt very lonely and did not know who appeal and for this reason he went to Washington, but once there he realized that he did not have her phone number, so he could not contact her. He told her that he was very proud because he had never flown alone, without company and he had performed very well. He was unbelievable, but true, a man his age who depended on everyone... for the first time doing the things a normal man would normally do. Deep down Elvis was still a kid in many ways, but he was always protected by everyone around him.
Elvis told Joyce that once with Jerry Schilling on the plane that met Senator Murphy, he had the idea of ​​writing the letter to Nixon and finally meeting him in person. Later he was able to get the phone and called her to see her at her hotel. All this seemed like something out of a movie, but it was real. Elvis Presley was with her after seeing President Nixon and wanted to share those special moments with her. Although Joyce was angry with him, he surrendered, as was clear, to his words and saw Elvis again as the man he had met a year before. He told him everything that had happened with the President and showed him the plaque that he had been proudly given to him. to be able to serve his country. She told him about Nixon and told him he was a good guy because she believed in him and how easy it would be for him to influence youth regarding drug use. The plaque was real and it all looked like it would have been awesome for Sonny and Elvis. But above all the important thing was that he wanted to talk to her, see her and share it with her. Elvis insisted that the real reason for going to Washington was to see her, the rest was a sudden thought that arose from within.
Elvis told her that their relationship was very special, that she felt similar to him. The reason had to do with her twin brother Jesse Garon, whom Elvis still sometimes felt like half of himself, even though he never met him. He spoke sweetly to her and won her over again, Elvis told her that he needed her, because he felt lonely, he said: "I hadn't realized loneliness until now, really, only that there is a lonely man inside the star , a lonely man looking for something". "We're all doing that, even when we don't know we're doing it."

Joyce knew she was looking for something she couldn't find in her home, in her marriage, something she'd lost or never had with Priscilla, and for this she expected something real. . She knew that he needed her and she hoped that this relationship would become even closer and real and that one day he would decide for her and no one else. It was her first time with her and although they spent two days together, Elvis had to come back to his home for Christmas, it was logical. He told her that he had loved being with her, that he didn't want to leave, but he had to. But he told her that this was only the beginning, because she would be back in a few days. He would call her to say congratulations on Christmas and to see her again. She wanted a serious relationship, but Elvis never really committed himself... even if he wanted to, he couldn't or didn't know how to cut off something that was already in the last moments of their married life. The relationship would continue for a while longer, but life of the artist, the success and indecision of the man would end in the oblivion and disappointment of Joyce who truly loved him."Following the King's Path..."FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 56On Tour 2.

The President and the Kinghttp: //

are living history..."

Elvis and the supposed reflection of the artist. 

Year 1971 in concert periods or after them, Elvis had the habit of seeing shows by other artists, friends or musicians that he came to admire. An anecdote that would occur at this time in which the most famous artists were imitated by others, for the entertainment of the public. Initially called covers and over time Impersonators. This custom has taken root over time and is typical in Las Vegas. On one of these occasions when Elvis had finished his show, he went to see his friend Tom Jones, who was also performing in Las Vegas. Tom had gone to visit him several times at the International Hotel and one night after the show ended, Elvis with Priscilla, Jerry and a small group, went to see Tom's show at another emblematic place in Las Vegas, the Stardust Resort Casino.
Normally when the lights went out it was when Elvis and his group sat down to watch the show, already in the dark, so as not to interfere and go unnoticed. At the end of the show, Elvis was escorted back to the dressing room to avoid distractions and the fans. But Elvis had a habit of drinking a lot of water and in the middle of his friend Tom's show, he had to go outside to go to the bathroom. Elvis would be accompanied by Jerry Schilling down the halls, through lobbies, casinos, and showrooms. His march was accelerated so that no one could stop them until they reached the toilets. On the way back to the stage, they passed a small hall where an Irish show band, the "Irish Royal Show Band" played, performing covers, imitating other artists.
The lead singer was a burly man named Brendan Bowyer, an Elvis cover, who was performing a song, imitating his rendition, exaggerating the vibrato in his voice a bit.
Elvis stood up and told Jerry outside the room to wait a minute. He must not have liked the artist's way of singing very much because he stormed into the room and went directly on stage. Elvis carried an ornamental cane with him, and raised it high, looking like he was going to attack the singer, but luckily, he wasn't. However, to the surprise of the public, he said something like that; "If you're going to sing imitating someone, do it right" and turning to the audience he gave them a big wink, then he jumped off the stage and would rush out of the room without stopping to think.
The singer who didn't see the wink was so surprised that he had fallen on stage from surprise. All this would be for Elvis an anecdote that would make him laugh for a moment, but the feeling later was that he had humiliated the poor interpreter. Although he laughed with Jerry on the way back to Tom's show, he remained thoughtful and as they sat down at the table watching the rest of the show, Elvis told Jerry to go back into the room and invite the singer and his band up to the suite after the show.
Deep down, although Elvis acted impulsively, he did not like to bother anyone, or go anywhere as a superstar. For this reason he wanted to ask that they meet again, because it did not seem to him that he had done the right thing and he wanted to make amends. Later, the singer appeared in the suite and finally spoke with Elvis for a while. His huge smile was very expressive and it was clear that it was important for him to be with Elvis, much more important than having had a hard time for a spontaneous criticism of the King. This memory would be forever and the opportunity to meet his idol in person. Elvis was always very humble, but it was clear that he did not like to do an imitation that was not the closest thing to his way of singing. Surely if the artist's way of interpreting had been to his liking, he would have gone on stage but to make a duet with the impersonator. Because Elvis Presley was generous, he enjoyed music at all times and circumstances, in his greatness as an artist he let himself go.
Elvis Presley, the man, the myth... The King! Remember... we are living history...
because we are "Following the Way of the King..."


Elvis' personality

Elvis Presley was a spontaneous, impulsive man and sometimes his way of being so sudden surprised everyone who was with him. He was carried away many times by the situation and that is why he created somewhat particular situations that made the moment more normal, it could lead to something truly incredible to believe. He is known for his sometimes capricious nature and when he had this impulse, he did not hold back, nor did he like being prevented from doing what he wanted at that moment. There are many anecdotes from this time of 1971 that tell us a lot about the personality and spontaneity of Elvis Presley, both in his private life, and in his life reflected through the eyes and narratives of others. An example is one of the anecdotes told by Joyce Bova, in which she lets us know a little more about her way of being. On one occasion when he made a visit to Washington at this time, in January 1971, Joyce recounted that they entered the capital through New York Avenue, north of the city and when they reached the intersection of Bladensburg Road, Elvis He saw a place for the first time called "Amy Joy's Donut Shop". It was in a not very nice ghetto area of ​​Whashinton, which they had to go through to get back to the hotel. His stomach turned suddenly and he wanted to stop the limo right now so he could buy some donuts. In the vehicle, apart from the driver Ben Buervitz, with Elvis were Joyce, her sister Janice, Sonny... and Elvis stopped the limousine to enter the premises. This place, at the time, was an all-night drive-in theater that during the day was a gathering place for the youth of the local ghetto. It was one of those cravings that Elvis had and that made him particularly well known... when he wanted something, he wanted it now! not tomorrow... he suggested that they stop so they could shop there. Sonny West began to worry about the neighborhood, because it was an undesirable area. They parked the car at the gate, and as it stopped, about twenty black youths came up to see who was inside. From inside the vehicle, they heard one of them talk to the driver, who he asked if he had a big fish inside...

 Elvis rolled down the window and the boys around them yelled; "'s Elvis!...that's...Hey, it's...look really is...come on, man, is it Elvis...Elvis? Hey, Elvis , Elvis, Elvis!" The people who heard him crowded together, shouting, pushing, laughing... there were also children. Elvis had already stuck his arms out through the window and was shaking hands. Sonny protested against going out through the crowd, but Elvis, who was determined to get the Donuts from him, got out of the car and walked firmly into the venue. Evidently Sonny had no choice but to follow him, making his way through the people until he covered his back. Elvis dressed as he usually did in this era, elegant... striking because of his outfit. In a high-necked, open white shirt he sported a gold chain around his neck. A black jacket with shoulder pads and bell-bottoms. Adorned with rings on the fingers, sunglasses. Curiously, he was surrounded by children, who wanted to see him up close. They all followed him inside and Elvis was apparently at ease, because he was surrounded by fans. One of them asked him in surprise "Elvis, what are you doing here, man?" Elvis said, "I'm just trying to get some donuts." Looking back, he realized the intensity, how people were looking at him and paying attention to his rings, the chains he wore, his outfit... Then in an improvised way, he raised his hands and took two steps towards back to give himself some space, while ordering: "Okay, guys, stay calm ... and pay attention, now" ... They were all amazed to see that Elvis slowly and particularly opened his jacket, almost suggestively He showed them his gold belt, huge... Elvis had been in the habit of wearing it ever since the Hotel International gave it to him as a prize to the audience. Even on stage, the reason was because he was proud of the award from him. Curiously, Lamar Fike said that at first it seemed like an extravagant and excessive belt and he hated it. But over time she wore it everywhere... then there was no one who could take it off, it seemed that she also slept with it... The belt was huge, it was shiny, with diamonds, precious stones... evidently everyone was astonished and then a tremendous and unanimous sound was heard... "OOOOOHHHHH..." everyone was amazed with the vision of such a tremendous ornament. Everyone wanted to see it and this created more movement in the people. One of them got close enough to Elvis to reach out and rub him, muttering something…Sonny who was ready for anything, kept covering his boss's back. Finally, Elvis would take a step back, because it was already too much of a mess for him to get through and his hand  I look straight inside his open jacket. Then she said "This belt says I'm the best...and this", showing an automatic pistol in her hand, "...says I own it". The guys who were obviously used to these things and more (it was a dangerous area) laughed, because they were tough guys from the ghetto. One of them told him "It's yours, Elvis...Sure, man...Okay, take it easy..." And Elvis playing his bad boy role to the end, put the gun away and gave them one of the famous smiles of him. He said "That's it guys." Ben, the driver, who was finally the one who had gotten the Donuts, appeared loaded with them and Elvis would get back into the car, with the same elegance that he got out. Him waving to his fans, while he ate one of his donuts. By the time they got to the hotel, he had already devoured eight donuts, from Amy Joy.That was Elvis... genius and figure! 

"Following the Way of the King..." 


Elvis' personal circle


Elvis Presley had three half-brothers, Billy, Rick and David, sons of Dee Stanley who married Vernon Presley on July 3, 1960. The truth is that not much has been said about them, but it must be borne in mind that the Elvis's influence on them was important due to their age, when they met him they were children and they always saw him as their older brother, with the added bonus of being an artist and famous. Elvis would count on them when they grew up and were responsible for being part of his group. And what we have no doubt about is that they loved him like his real brother. Ricky talked about his experience with Elvis. Obviously, despite being very young, he witnessed important moments in Elvis's artistic life and in his personal life. He knew that Elvis assumed his artistic figure as someone who in many moments made him happy and somehow made him forget his problems. Over time this task would become even more difficult to take on because of the responsibility he took on over time. He tried to live up to these expectations for his fans but over time he would come to the conclusion that this was impossible, because worship He took on a great responsibility. He loved them enough to give them everything he had, even when he was physically unable to do so. Ricky loved Elvis, admired him and wanted to be part of his team, his group, and at 17 in 1971, his dream came true.
Elvis knew he could take responsibility and asked his stepmother to let her work for him. She told him that she was going to be her guardian and asked him for fidelity in exchange for her. Ricky told many anecdotes.
One of them had to do with another member that he had started a few months before to work for Elvis. His name was James Caughey, nicknamed Hamburger. His time in the Memphis Mafia did not last long, because unfortunately, he would not be a reliable person. This is one of the bad examples of people who were part of the mafia, since James robbed him and would run away, although his attitude would not make much sense, since Elvis always treated him well. Both Ricky and Sonny West said that one night in Las Vegas, Elvis noticed that some money was missing and some intimate photos, for which he asked everyone who it was. have done. Hamburger James was singled out for the robbery, Elvis angrily gathered the boys and went to the airport, to catch him before the plane took off. The anecdote of the plane would be a bit funny, since when Elvis was chasing him, with Sonny and Red, They stopped a plane when Elvis stepped forward on the airport tarmac and pulled out his badge.
The astonished commander of the plane stopped the plane first out of curiosity and secondly for safety. When Elvis got on the plane looking for James, he would take out the badge again saying that they were looking for a person for safety and they had to say goodbye running, to the surprise of all the crew and passengers on the plane, because Hamburger was not there, they had made a mistake.
They ran again through the runways of the Airport looking for him and finally found him on another plane that was also about to take off, they finally got James out of a plane that was about to leave for Memphis. Back in his hotel suite, Elvis slapped the culprit, who was sobbing in fear, a couple of times. Instead of turning him in to the police, he asked, and then, Rick said, something amazing happened: James apologized and said he'd pay it all back, Elvis looked at him for a minute and, influenced by his crying, cried too, taking pity on him and telling him. He asked: why didn't you tell me if you needed money?  I would have left it to you, it was not necessary to steal...
He fired him and never admitted him to his group again. Elvis sometimes had situations like this, but fortunately it was not usual in his circle of friends who formed the Mafia.

" Following the Road of the King,,,"

Rick Stanley con Elvis

Rick Stanley escribió dos libros que cuentan sus vivencias en la época que trabajó para Elvis Presley;  "Caught  in a Trap" y   " The touch of two Kings"

Elvis con James Caughey

"Also Sprach Zarathustra"
The myth linked to the legend of the prophet and the Sun.

Sometimes the character is remembered for various reasons, in the case of Elvis Presley he always left an image behind him and his voice would be remembered forever. But there are also other factors that are linked to his myth and his legacy. His clothes, his hairstyle, the music that changed the musical culture of the moment and the tune that would accompany him until the end of his days. Since January 26, 1971, at the International-Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, the image of Elvis will forever be associated with the tremendous overture to the symphonic poem, composed by Richard Strauss entitled "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) Op.30. Strauss was a great admirer of the work of the German philosopher Nietzsche, who wrote a book with the same title around the character, the supreme prophet Zarathustra, who symbolized the ideal philosopher, an example between good and evil. Strauss builds his prologue with three notes: do, sol, do. The prologue called "Sunrise" in its composer's notes, represents the sunrise, playing in major and minor mode. This would make for a powerful overture...with huge orchestral effects. The result leaves great emotion and expectation in the public, together with the effects of a stage, the spotlights, the orchestra... and finally the appearance of Elvis Presley on stage, would add even more to the mood of the room. lighting is thrown on stage, it is already known that everything is going to start. The crowd knows that Elvis is backstage, and waiting for the signal to go on stage. And the music begins in a crescendo through the speakers, the initial notes of the orchestra, the answering timpani, the orchestral ensemble and finally the drums and drums, which break the initial theme to merge with the initial score that is going to sing. Elvis. The atmosphere charged with applause and shouts, all this makes this outing to the public that screams incessantly even more impressive. If we were to give an interpretation to all this, the symbology of the prophet and sun character could be perfectly associated with the figure of Elvis, his spirituality and its grandeur that with time will become mythical. The choice of this score was an occurrence of Elvis himself, possibly because of the 1968 film "2001, a space odyssey" which also used this overture. What was added to his show almost experimentally would become a symbol that will forever be linked at Elvis Presley concerts. 

Elvis, the man... the myth, the King...

"Following the Path of the King ..."

Memphis, la casa del Rey.

Elvis Presley Boulevard.
El dia 29 de Junio de 1971, el Ayuntamiento de Memphis votaría para cambiar el nombre de la autopista 51 South, de South Parkway a la línea estatal de Mississippi, por el nombre de "Elvis Presley Boulevard". La casa de Elvis "Graceland" tendría oficialmente el número 3764 Highway Southa y a partir de este momento sería 3764 Elvis Boulevard. Aunque este día fue decidido , la inauguración oficial se daría el 19 de Enero de 1972.
Marty Lacker intentó durante mucho tiempo, que Elvis Presley su amigo, recibiera algún tipo de reconocimiento, había pensado en que la ciudad podría nombrar algo en honor a Elvis, puesto que durante años nada se había hecho y era el artista más reconocido y más grande que habían tenido en Memphis. Hubo un poco de controversia por esto, pero Elvis no quería ningun tipo de reconocimiento si no fuera algo normal o natural, nunca pidió nada para sí. Pero Marty si hizo por detrás algunas propuestas pra ver si fuera posible algo así, sin decirle nada a Elvis. Finalmente logró que se le hiciera caso y se hizo esta propuesta con la autopista. Realmente todos sabían que esta gran avenida era donde vivía Elvis Presley y si no fuera por el, nadie iría por allí.
El área que cambiaron de nombre es un tramo de doce millas, y tomó un tiempo obtener todos las inscripciones. La anécdota es que cada vez que ponían una placa con el nombre de la avenida, siempre había un robo y desaparecía el mismo día. Tuvieron que seguir reemplazándolas, y finalmente las colocaron sobre las intersecciones con cables en lugar de postes. Esa era la única forma de evitar que la gente los tomara como recuerdo.
Elvis siempre fue un artista agradecido con todos sus fans y bajaba a menudo a la puerta de su casa en Graceland para saludar y firmar autógrafos a sus fans. Incluso en algunas ocasiones llegaría dejar que entraran. Harold Loyd que era uno de los vigilantes que cuidaba las puertas de Graceland lo contaría en innumerables ocasiones, estaba con ellos mucho tiempo y luego se volvía a la casa. Lo pasaba en grande con sus fans y ellos se lo agradecían por supuesto. Lo único que podría molestar en el entorno es que cuando Elvis estaba en las puertas si llegaba en coche, y estaba mucho tiempo, esto colapsaba el tráfico hasta el punto de que finalmente se tenía que llamar a la policía de tráfico para despejar la zona.
Es cierto que incluso llegaría a haber algún accidente cuando Elvis estaba en la puerta, con el tiempo tuvo que moderar esta situación, para que esto no ocurriera.
Memphis también cuenta con la "Elvis Presley Plaza" , justo al sur del centro de la ciudad. También con el " Elvis Aron Presley Memorial", además de "Elvis Presley Drive" y toda el área de la ciudad que fue renombrada como "Elvis Presley Heights"...
Elvis Presley, el hombre, el mito... El Rey!
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."
De Tupelo a Memphis 62. Junio 1971

La humildad del Artista

El día 6 de Septiembre de 1971, sería el último día que Los Imperials cantaron en el show de Elvis Presley.
Este día sería la actuación de cierre del Summer Festival, en la que Elvis apareció por primera vez con una capa, completando otro récord en su compromiso en Las Vegas. La actuación fue presenciada por 4428 personas en esta noche. Su reputación dicen que jamás sería superada , ya que el departamento de bomberos en Las Vegas había puesto límite de 2000 personas por espectáculo, pero realmente Elvis lo superó todas las noches. Es claro que el riesgo y la seguridad de la sala podían acoger más personas, pero había que tener previsto cualquier riesgo.
En esta temporada ocurrieron muchos sucesos que iban a cambiar el rumbo de las actuaciones, el de Elvis... y esta noche su grupo acompañante vocal, The Imperials, también sufrirían ese cambio.
Finalizando las actuaciones fueron a ver al Coronel Tom Parker, la intención era la de pedir un aumento de sueldo, porque no estaban contentos con su paga. Tom Diskin, su asistente no dejó que llegaran a la oficina intentando hacer de mediador. Fue a pedírselo al Coronel, no llegaron a entrar allí, la respuesta de Parker fue clara. No cambiaría nada, su sueldo era el que habían recibido y nada había que hacer. Los Imperials discutieron con Diskin durante unos minutos, pero nada hizo cambiar la decisión, por lo que Los Imperials decidieron dejar de actuar con Elvis Presley. De nuevo las cuestiones económicas, hacían que el Coronel Parker hiciera perder por el Camino al grupo acompañante de Elvis, igual que lo hizo con Scotty, Billy, Dj, etc.
De nuevo, Elvis no tomó parte en esto, porque no supo nada ya que Los Imperials también alternaban actuaciones con Jimmy Dean y ésta sería la excusa que se le daría para no disgustarle. Después de ser su grupo de apoyo , tornarían su rumbo y también el de Elvis.
Los Imperials nacieron en 1963 y continúan actualmente su rumbo artístico. Elvis grabó con ellos por primera vez en mayo de 1966 para el álbum: "How Great Thou Art", hasta junio de 1971. Con ellos retomaría los escenarios en Las Vegas, Hotel International en 1969, hasta la última actuación del 6 de septiembre de 1971.
Durante este tiempo habría varios miembros que con el tiempo fueron cambiando, Jake Hess, Terry Blackwood, Roger Wiles, Larry Gatlin, Jim Murray, Armond Morales, Gary McSpadden...
Aunque en el mundillo artístico es muy fácil hacer y deshacer, prescindir de las personas sin tener en cuenta su valor como artistas, ni su fidelidad... es triste pensar que de nuevo se hiciera vista hacia otro lado y se siguiera adelante.
Un cambio que también podría afectar lógicamente al espectáculo, porque había dos meses para buscar un nuevo grupo y preparar la nueva gira que se realizaría en Noviembre de 1971.
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."

la música y la vida.

Noviembre de 1971.

Los trazos del tiempo, del Camino, a veces dejan atrás personas, lugares, sentimientos... a pesar de nuestros esfuerzos por querer mantener el curso de nuestras vidas y seguir con nuestros anhelos, hay veces que no podemos controlar los acontecimientos que puedan ocurrir en nuestra senda. El futuro trae consigo nuestras circunstancias y tenemos que convivir con ellas. Y el pasado se lleva muchos buenos momentos, la juventud, el amor sin condiciones, la frescura, la inocencia, los años traen consigo la maduración , el cambio y a veces conlleva con esto la liberación a través de la autoconfirmación.
La vida de Elvis Presley había sufrido grandes cambios, pero para él , todo estaba relegado a un lado, en el fondo de su corazón, de su mente... porque lo más importante era su vida artística. Lo demás estaba allí como aditivo a su camino y como consecuencia, su inseguridad, su dolor y el miedo a la pérdida aumentarían su dependencia en sus costumbres.
En noviembre de 1971, Priscilla, su mujer le había dicho que finalmente le dejaba y en la Navidad volvería con Lisa Marie, su hija, para celebrar las fiestas. Su relación ya estaba rota, pero Elvis aún no era del todo consciente de la realidad porque en el fondo pensaba que ella volvería al hogar.
Elvis le confesó a Marty Lacker que Priscilla le había dejado y éste le preguntó que iba a hacer... pero Elvis le dijo, que lo primero eran sus conciertos, su música y que no iba a desviarse por culpa de esto. Así lo haría durante sus conciertos en Noviembre durante la gira, aunque estaría más callado y no tan hablador como era habitual. De nuevo la música que hervía en su sangre como una obsesión que no cesa, era la dueña de su destino. Lo demás aunque estaba allí con Elvis, dejaría de ser importante. Su música era lo primero y siempre lo sería a pesar de todas las cosas.
Jerry Schillin su amigo decía de Elvis que tenía una verdadera vena romántica y quería compañía, alguien con quien hablar, leer y relajarse. Cuando estaba con Priscilla, tenía todo eso. Pero Priscilla, ahora la devota madre de un niña pequeña por lo que no estaba a su disposción y además ella se sentía ya un tanto apartada de él... todo había cambiado. La vida de todos los chicos de la Mafia también , la mayoría con familias tenían obligaciones y el ambiente era ya diferente de tiempo atrás.
Como Elvis no siempre podía estar con Priscilla, desarrolló amistades y relaciones con mujeres que serían parte de su vida durante semanas, meses o incluso años a veces. Estando casado, Llevaba una vida única, su vida de artista le llevaba por otro camino elegido por él, con sus reglas y sus normas. Evidentemente el que no estaba dispuesto a seguirlas salía del mismo. Todo esto no sería justo para su mujer por lo cual se sintió desatendida y estaba claro que tarde o temprano una mujer como ella conocería a otro hombre que le diera toda la atención que necesitaba. Priscilla había madurado al lado de Elvis, pero ya no era la misma muñequita que había moldeado , se volvería más fuerte e independiente... Priscilla había comenzado una relación con su monitor Mike Stone y muchos de los chicos de la Mafia ya lo sabían, como Red o Sonny, pero no se atrevían a decirle a Elvis la razón de esta separación. Ella ya no quería seguir así y todos notaron en Navidad la frialdad y la actitud distante, por lo que era evidente que se estaba manteniendo la imagen nada más.
Elvis sustituyó en muchas ocasiones a Priscilla con otras mujeres y en particular en estos tiempos tenía con Joyce Bova una relación que llevaba más de un año y que estaba a punto de ser algo serio. Pero también estaba fallando con su actitud y sus manías, cada vez más inquietantes. Joyce no quería compartir sus adiciones y por esto se enfadaba alguna vez con él. Era una mujer inteligente y realmente le quería, pero le vería cambiado por culpa de las pastillas, sentía como estaba cambiando por culpa de esa dependencia y esto también estaría pasando factura a una relación que podría haber sido estable. Incluso podría haber tenido un hijo con ella, pero de nuevo su actitud cambiaría el curso de la vida, porque Joyce decidiría no tener el niño que habían concebido. Tenía miedo porque Elvis dejaría de mirarla como a una mujer y la trataría sólo como a una madre. No estaba dispuesta a pasar a ser una segunda Priscilla... todo esto era ya muy complicado por lo que Elvis estaba perdiendo sin saber en su vida muchas oportunidades de ser feliz. Cada uno marca su propio camino y destino pero a veces con nuestra propia acción se generan cambios que no tenemos previstos. Pero no hay que juzgar a nadie por esto, porque cada uno elige la senda que quiere tomar y puede abrir otra puerta diferente...
Finalizaría el año 1971 cambiando su destino. Su mujer había crecido y madurado con él, se había encontrado a sí misma y quiso volar y buscar su propio destino, ya nada sería igual entre ellos, pero el amor del pasado se convertiría en la amistad del futuro que mantendría una buena relación para que Elvis pudiera seguir viendo a su hija sin ningún tipo de problemas.
La música, su verdadero amor, siempre fue lo más importante, lo demás serían pequeños factores en su vida que aportaban diversión y felicidad a los momentos en los que no estaba cantando ante su público.
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."

Los designios del Destino
La vida y la muerte

Cuando hacemos las cosas, cuando decidimos iniciar algo nuevo, cuando día a día vivimos las circunstancias del momento realmente no sabemos lo que pasará mañana. De nada sirve el miedo, la precaución, la duda, aunque es cierto que podemos evitar muchos males con esto, nada sabemos de lo que pueda suceder, simplemente puede ser la suerte o la escritura en la historia de nuestro destino. A veces la muerte nos atrapa cuando menos lo esperamos.
Durante mucho tiempo esta foto fue una incógnita para muchos, sabíamos que era Elvis quien conducía la moto con una chica que estaba saliendo con él. Fue tomada el día 30 de junio de 1.972 en Memphis. Elvis tenia unos días de descanso después de la gira de junio.
Elvis salía de vez en cuando con su moto, porque era una forma de tener libertad y pasar desapercibido, pero en este caso no fue así.
Elvis Presley y Mary Kathleen Selph, fueron fotografiados en la esquina de South Parkway y Elvis Presley Blvd. en Memphis, Tennessee.
La foto fue tomada por un fotógrafo para "The Commercial Appeal" en junio de 1972.
Todos sus amigos,su famila , sabían que Elvis lo estaba en pasando mal y necesitaba distracción.
Un amigo del grupo de Elvis, le presentó a Kathy, por el gran parecido que tenía con Priscilla. Elvis necesitaba compañía y ella saldría unos días con él.
Un mes después Kathy falleció en un accidente automovilístico el 18 de julio de 1972 a la edad de 20 años.
Katherine era bailarina y cantante en el antiguo Whirlaway Club.
Años después su familia fue quien notificó a la prensa el nombre de la chica
Su hermano explicó que Elvis y Kathy, fueron presentados y salieron menos de un mes.
Cuando ella murió , se recibió en su funeral un gran Ramo de flores por parte de la familia Presley, con una enorme orquídea.
Elvis comenzó a salir con Linda Thompson unos días después en julio, con la llegó a tener una relación.
Elvis vivía al dia, no era una persona con previsión de futuro. Aunque siempre fue prudente, cuidadoso con muchas cosas en otras se dejaba llevar y vivía...
La vida es a veces es una continua sorpresa, demasiado corta, imprevisible e impredecible!
Estamos viviendo la Historia...
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."

De Tupelo 

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