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Radio program dedicated to the figure of the artist Elvis Presley in which we follow the history of the man, the artist, to try to better understand his person, his music, his filmography, ... everything that happened at the time and especially the man who lived music until the last moment...


 "Following the path of the King..."

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Life sometimes gives you the opportunity to show your feelings through music, of the performance, of the thoughts... through your own heart that does not stop feeling and tries to transmit everything felt and experienced and you want to make it known. It is very possible that we make a mistake in the path to follow, on our path... 

And we want to understand everything that happens in our lives and share it... 

This program From Tupelo to Memphis takes us beyond the time and experience of Elvis Presley.  We want to know about his life, his music, his movies, his performances and above all we want to share his experiences on his  path. 

Step by step and making mistakes like him, once again... 

his successes, his mistakes... but above all the intention of this page and of our program is to try to get to know his story as much as possible and pass it on to others. There is so much information and so many sources that from our program we only want to give our own vision based on all the information that we have been following for years. 

Our program and page is different from other pages because we have our own opinion and knowledge of what we publish and analyze by reflecting on what happened. But beyond all this, there is the music of Elvis Presley that marks our Path and that is why we will continue in spite of everything until the end of his story.

"Following the Path of the King..."

Ana Albajara


"We are living history..."

From Tupelo to Memphis 93
Sessions February 1976

From Tupelo to Memphis 94
Sessions February 2, 1976

The new year 1976 begins with new economic expectations forced by the current situation in the life of Elvis Presley. First of all, his obligation to record new songs, with RCA, with which he has to comply to avoid a lawsuit. Elvis does not really want to record but he has to do it and refuses to do it in the already known studios, so Felton Jarvis tells him that if he is not going to record, they will go to Graceland with his RCA Truck.
Elvis reluctantly and reluctantly agrees to set up a studio in the Jungle Room, but is ultimately delighted to be able to record at his house and decides not to record anywhere else from then on.
His financial situation also forces him to book tours throughout the year, although Elvis is aware that he has severe colon/intestinal disease, fatigue/inadequate adrenal disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, painful arthritis, glaucoma in both eyes. In addition to being warned of serious consequences by doctors, he is going to agree to tour in order to financially compensate all the expenses he had assumed the previous year. Especially his "Lisa Marie" plane, which is to blame for most of this commitment due to the enormous budget and gasoline required for its maintenance.

This program talks about the beginning of the year and the recordings that he will make in February 1976. You can listen to it on the website, through the player or on the Ivoox page where it will be posted on the 31st. Free program to download or listen when you want.
Remember, we are living History!
"Following the Path of the King..."

Elvis Presley, the Man, the Myth... the King!
01/08/1935 to 08/16/1977

Elvis Presley, the Man, the Myth... the King!
01/08/1935 to 08/16/1977
We really celebrate his life, his laugh, his strength, his way of life... because Elvis chose to live as he wanted and for him, that was his freedom, even if he felt imprisoned in an urn exposed to the public.
We love his gift, his feeling, his generosity and his dedication to music, because without music, Elvis could not live or understand his Way. Music was his true love that he shared through his songs with his fans.
We do not believe in death, because we like life better and Elvis is still alive even if he is not with us. His music is so great that he has traversed all time and generation, Elvis is really still alive in our hearts.
For which we are thankful that he has crossed our path, because Elvis is still there to continue helping with his voice, delighting with his music... wherever he has gone, we hope that he has reached for end the true longing for him.
"Following the Path of the King..."

From Tupelo to Memphis

De Tupelo a Memphis 92
New Program :

August 1975, Elvis Presley again has to perform in Las Vegas, but his health will be decisive in the coming months in which all his physical problems will be discovered. Until December of the same year, everything will be decisive as to what may happen, Elvis will be medically controlled, but he has to take care of himself and follow medical advice to avoid having major problems.
The two Seasons, one short in August and the next in December as a compromise due to the cancellation of these days and end the year with a concert on December 31. Everyone around Elvis knows that it is necessary for him to follow all medical instructions and stop using drugs to recover physically.
Doctor Nick tells Parker that he needs to cut back on the Concert schedule if he wants Elvis to get back on his feet and continue living. But really, luck is sometimes uncertain, since circumstances could benefit or hinder depending on the person himself. Elvis wanted to be well and followed medical advice, but over time his routine would remain the same.
The Colonel intended to at least compensate the Hilton Hotel in December in order to meet his commitments. But the year 1976 would once again be an active year of concerts, for various reasons, the main one being economic, since Elvis was spending a lot of money and would end the year with other kinds of unexpected circumstances. He had to make decisions and solve everything that was happening, during Seasons 12 and 13 in Las Vegas...
We will talk about this and much more in the next program "From Tupelo to Memphis 92", next July 30.
"Following the Path of the King..."

Day June 30. New Program
Tour 14 and 15. 1975

From May to July 1975, Elvis Presley does two Tours with a few days off, after the last Tour from April to May, he tries to lose a few kilos, in order to gain confidence and physical shape again. Elvis regains strength to be able to continue facing these tours that go from one city to another and always involve a vocal and physical effort.
During the Shows Elvis wears the Belew and Douccette Jumpsuits again, since on the first tour he is thinner and therefore more comfortable. From one tour to another his repertoire is more or less the same, although he is including some new songs, he doesn't really fit them with the public or he thinks that he doesn't like them as well as the usual ones. For this reason his intention to include songs is quite timid within what is offered in the repertoire.
Elvis continues to have health problems, but nothing that clouds his performances in public and continues with his normal habits, his performances are well received but with criticism that continues to annoy him regarding his physical change. His way of singing remains the same, his voice continues to exhaust screams, applause and his shows continue to fill auditoriums.
Elvis was initially calm, but his mood varied greatly, especially on the second Tour where several incidents occurred that should not have happened in public.
We will talk about the performances, anecdotes, repertoire, etc. in the following program, which you can download and listen to for free on our website and on Ivoox.
All programs dedicated to Elvis Presley, his music, movies, his life, etc. Directed and presented by Ana Albajara.

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Remember that we are living History!
"Following the Path of the King...

Day May 31, new program.

March 1975. Elvis Presley is once again ready to perform at his Las Vegas engagement at the Hilton Hotel. It was already his 12th season after a few days of recording at the RCA studios in Hollywood. Las Vegas from March 18 to April 1, performing 29 shows.
Then the tours would come again, for which he had to be ready and in good shape, because they were more stressful. A few days later the following Tour 13 would begin, from April 24 to May 7, 1975, performing 18 shows.
The most important thing is that his voice was back in top form, he sang in a powerful and careful way. It is true that the journalists continued to annoy him with his weight, but what really mattered was his performance and about this they really did not have much to criticize.
He would also be willing and focused to be able to face these two weeks in Las Vegas. His mood was good, although he was still worried about the health of his father who was still not fully recovered. In any case, the criticism would be contradictory these days, because there were good ones and not so good ones, some said that he looked tired and pale and with the same voice. But if we listen to the many recordings that the fans made, we can really feel that his voice was perfect and that once again Elvis delivered on stage.
In any case, these performances would be much better than in the previous Season at the Hilton Hotel, in which he was criticized so much for his conversations with the public.
We talk about this, the April/May tour and much more in the next program:

From Tupelo to Memphis 90.
Las Vegas Temp 12/Tour 13 1975.
All the programs can be found at Ivoox:

Next May 31, 1975, you will be able to listen or download our new program.
"Following the Path of the King..."

New Programs . From Tupelo to Memphis 88 and 89
 A new year of Hope, 1975.

From Tupelo to Memphis 88. Sessions March 1975. First part
From Tupelo to Memphis 89. Sessions March 1975. Second part

The year 1975 begins with a great variety of artists, groups and musical styles. Like John Denver, Olivia Newton John, Queen, America, Jethro Tull, Elton John, Carpenters, etc.

 Different musical styles and new and also renowned artists.
 The truth is that Elvis Presley was not on the list of the most successful performers of the moment and the one who was focusing more on concerts, kept him further and further from the top. It was necessary and indispensable to record new songs.
 At the beginning of the year, in the first three months, 2 singles and two LPs would be published, which could again open the doors of success. And also to make his potential as an artist known to a new audience, but not everything depended on recording. The work of advertising and marketing his records was 50% a possible success.
 That is to say that although Elvis threw himself into recording some new songs in an impeccable way, if these records were not heard on the radio, on TV or enough publicity was placed, it was difficult to reach any audience. This was the commercial work of Colonel Parker and the RCA.

 It was also important to continue with his concerts because obviously an artist has to continue performing before the public and also because these performances would give him a lot of income.
 This is why it was important to start the year in good shape, record and fulfill concert commitments.

 But Elvis Presley would start the year with health and addiction problems, for which he had to be hospitalized and postpone his commitment to the Hilton Hotel until the spring of 1975. Before that, he promised to record new material at the Studios.
 In these recordings he would once again demonstrate his great quality as an artist.
 "Following the Path of the King..."

 We will talk about this and much more in the new program:
 January to March 1975.
 On April 29 you can listen to it on Ivoox.

Day 30 next program.From Tupelo to Memphis 87
Tour 12. Lake Tahoe 4

September 1974, at this time Elvis undergoes a transformation in his state of mind and in his health.
Unfortunately, the latest events that took place in Las Vegas, the criticism for his attitude, affect him in such a way that they are going to cause a major bump in his path and serious personal damage.

Although we know that Elvis normally recovered from many events, this moment is different because the vision of the general public, the press and family and friends see a serious problem because of his addiction to drugs.
During this time he gets carried away and this causes, on the one hand, worse criticism and, on the other, discontent in the public, among the regulars who had actually seen him on many occasions.
We will talk about this and more in the next program.
"Following the Path of the King..."

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"The Struggle to Avoid Ennui"
Las Vegas August 1974.

From Tupelo to Memphis 86. Day 28 February

Many critics and fans say that Elvis was sometimes sleepy or scatterbrained compared to previous seasons. Logically they were people who had already attended the concerts that Elvis did at the Hilton Hotel.
There Elvis had very good moments and also terrible for him.

  The thing is, even though Vegas was a place of fun for him, it was also some kind of jail or life sentence feeling. Something that he couldn't leave even if he wanted to, because he had committed himself for a long time and everything would be concentrated in his mind, wanting to explode.
It is very logical that when a person is tired of something he protests, but certainly an artist cannot do it freely and although Elvis did it in the past, his reaction was the most surprising, but also the most normal.
We assume that Elvis was struggling not to become bored or get carried away by the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again.

Elvis needed to talk to his audience, he wanted to make his show more enjoyable, not only for his fans, but also for him.
The Hilton was for Elvis a place where he felt too controlled, he could not go out freely and this affected him a lot. He only happened to her at the Hilton and at the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe.
When he went on tour this didn't happen because everything went faster, they went from one city to another and Elvis wouldn't feel the same way.
The disposition of the public was also very direct, he was next to him, this closeness made his attitude more logical.

  When he sang there was a lot of play with the songs, he would stop, repeat, speak and move according to the rhythm of the score.
It is really true that Elvis continued with his habits, with the pills and continued to have health problems. But listening to many of the recordings of this season at the Hilton we observed that his voice was perfect, his attitude was very close to the public but we did not hear anything wrong.
From what we understand that any failure that Elvis had or attitude different from previous seasons was already a reason for criticism by the press.
You had to look for news and this could be it.
"Following The Path of the King..."

About this and much more that happened in this Season, we talked about in the new program:
From Tupelo to Memphis 86.
Las Vegas Temp 11. August 1974

On February 28 we will post the link to Ivoox (free).

Lisa Marie Presley D.E.P

Sometimes we do not understand the designs of destiny, suddenly people die and it is true that life goes on because we must accept it. But we don't understand why some people die and others don't. We can only say that we want Lisa Marie to find peace and rest in peace, together with her father and her son.  She passed away tonight in Los Angeles.
 "Following the Path of the King..."

De Tupelo a Memphis 85

New Program

 May June 1974, two months of great movement for Elvis Presley.
 In May he does a small tour of California, then the engagement in Lake Tahoe for 10 days and from June to July a tight tour.
 The success of March continued in the same vein. Elvis was in a good mood and ready to continue singing for an audience that welcomed him with open arms.

 Everything seemed normal but something was changing. The vision that the press
 He had Elvis was generally good, but they are beginning to criticize his attitude in public and his show, albeit in a moderate way.
 Really the fans sold out and they were the ones who might protest, if they hadn't been happy, but for the spectators there was nothing wrong.
 Elvis continued to attract an adoring audience, but it certainly could have raised expectations of him and although he continued to put on his usual show nothing was dimming his fun.
 We will talk about this and much more in the next program, From Tupelo to Memphis 85
 Just in a few days...
 Remember! We are living history!
 "Following The Path of the King..."


The result of inspiration. Elvis On Tour, March 1974
From Tupelo to Memphis. December 30:

Music is the inspiration, music is life, all the steps we take every day are like the notes that write our score and make our Camino a Symphony that we must interpret at all times.
Fortunately we are the composers ourselves on our route and we can make our life true music or turn it into a vacuum of silences or syncopated notes that can throw us into hell... March 1974, Elvis continued to cry out to heaven with his music and his audience he continued to love him as the true King whom he had crowned years ago.
His voice, his music was still his life....

The truth is that Elvis had a very good voice at this time and it could be seen in all the songs we heard from his concerts at this time. His voice is more relaxed and fresh than a year before when he sang in Hawaii. It was clear that doing fewer performances refreshed his voice. And also having been hospitalized for a while had strengthened him. But sometimes Elvis complained of some ailment and they had to attend to him.
Elvis is going to make a new tour of shows from March 1 to 20, 1974, concentrated in the southern states, and the result would be magnificent and surprising since it experienced a public that went crazy from the moment it was shown in stage. The euphoric and grateful public pleased the slightest gesture of his idol Elvis Presley who returned with authentic class and quality, a vibrant show that connected with the audience.
A tour with very high expectations and results that would make one think of generous profits, audience records and Elvis's return to Memphis, where he had not sung since 1961.
We will talk about all this and many more in our new program, on December 30, to end the year:

FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 84. On Tour. March 1974
"Following the Path of the King..."

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  "Following the Path of the King..."

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10 Temp. Las Vegas 1974  New  Program

1974 A new year begins, with hope with the possibility of starting another path and changing course.
Elvis Presley would sing again at the Hilton Hotel from January 26 to February 9, 1974. This time with a new two-week contract, for two months a year.
Elvis was happy because with this contract the duration was shortened and he could face it with all his energy and dedication as his audience deserved. He would also win the amount of $150,000, with his own Suite and for his entourage with all expenses paid.
Elvis would have new members among the vocals and musicians, "Voice" with Sherill Nielsen, Tim Baty and Donnie Sumner, they acted as a trio along with the rest of the choir and Duke Bardwell, a young bassist, acted to replace Emory Gordy, who will definitely stop playing. act with elvis
Elvis is happier than the recent Christmas that everyone says he was depressed and this is shown in the performances that he is going to do.
We will talk about this and much more in the new program:
All the programs are directed and presented by Ana Albajara, the script is based on an extensive bibliography, from which we draw our conclusions and reflections.
We are Living History!
"Following the King's Path..."
The audio program is in Spanish

From Tupelo to Memphis 82
Stax Studios 2.Dec.1973
You can now listen to it at the following link:

In some moments of our life we ​​have had the need to get up after a nosedive. Seek strength within ourselves, although there is almost no consolation and a tremendous loneliness invades us, but we put our hands to support ourselves on the ground and rise up before everyone, showing strength, enthusiasm again, because the desire can more than the circumstances. December 1973, Elvis Presley shows again that after a fall, his value is even greater than everything that has happened recently. His recordings at Stax Studios in 1973, although they would not be a success at the time, would once again demonstrate his quality as an artist, his greatness. Over time it has been shown that commercial and promotional mismanagement would harm publications so that the public could learn about his new work. And again the production also affected the great vocal, musical and choral work of the recordings. We continue with the recording sessions at Stax Studios, from December 13 to 16. The year 1973 had started successfully, with the broadcast of a satellite program for Elvis in Hawaii, with an absolute success before his fans, everything indicated that things would continue in the same direction, but unfortunately for Elvis Presley, things They didn't show up like that. An unequal and variable year for an unparalleled artist, who would suffer changes in his state of health and mood, also with divorce and finally with a necessary hospitalization. Lastly, the sessions at Stax, which could have opened a different door and a hope... but it didn't. 

 "Following the Path of the King... "

 We will talk about this and much more in the second and last program dedicated to the Stax: 
From Tupelo to Memphis 82 
Stax Studios 2.Dec.1973
 Next November 30

 New Program :
For two months, Elvis had had a respite from his worries, he had rested from his performances after a long time, his forced hospitalization and trying to clean up his additions was vital to be able to continue on his Way, free from ties and free his spirit. to re-perform their beloved music.
After a two-month break, Elvis seemed to be the same, he would laugh out loud again, he would joke again and for everyone around him it seemed that this hell he was suffering was finally laying aside to continue with his life.
December 1973 ends the year with the recordings that Elvis Presley is going to make for RCA, they wanted to complete the forecast they had last July to create new songs for publication and to add repertoire for their concerts. The main purpose was the new material that was planned and to be able to do it without interruptions, so Elvis would have to return to Stax Studios.
Obviously for comfort, for closeness and for Elvis to take enough interest and seriousness as he did in the past. But Felton Jarvis was not fully recovered in his health despite being responsible for it, he would not be allowed to take his own sound engineer. Joan Deary ordered New York recording studio manager Larry Schnapt to find a chief engineer and three assistants to manage the studio. The sixteen-channel portable equipment that had already been used on the Palm Springs recordings would be shipped to Stax, to replace the studio desk in the studios. It was clear that they did not consider that the studio had the capacity to make good recordings or they did not trust the result.
Elvis had changed since the last session, his attitude was positive and collaborative, his mood was already different and everything was planned to make the new recordings.
The musicians this time were made up of James Burton on guitar, Ronnie Tutt on drums, with David Briggs on piano and Norbert Putnam on bass with the collaboration of Eric "Pete" Hallin, also on piano.
Eleven voices were to be added, including JD Sumner with the Stamps, with Bill Baize; Ed Enoch; David Rowland, Voice with Donnie Sumner; Sherrill Nielsen; Tim Batty; Also Kathy Westmorland with Mary Holladay, Susan Pilkington and Mary Jeanie
and also a trio of women who belonged to the study.
The chosen material was what was still being disputed among several members for the choice of these songs, but the important thing is that Elvis was going to pour himself into his music again and it was important for him to do the best he could.
In the organization there were things that would be failing, in the first place Freddy Bienstock, who was in charge of carrying the repertoire so that Elvis could choose freely, had not initially appeared. This was unheard of for him, since he never failed in any session, but the Colonel took it as a lack of interest, the problem is that there was a bit of chaos regarding the election. There were many proposals and many interested in choosing Elvis, but it is true that he always got more songs chosen by others, such as Red West, Felton, his producer, Lamar Fike and even Marty Lacker. But really, only one song composed by Red West, a work from Nashville, songs by the members of Voice and another one contributed by the group would come out of it. Not everyone agreed on the choice of a song by Donnie Sumner as Lamar Fike, but it was Elvis who would finally bring the song to record it.
From the Repertoire that was going to be recorded, Elvis was the one who gave his last order and some songs would come out in which he would pour his passion and enthusiasm:
Elvis would be very inspired by one of the songs chosen from among all the proposed themes. He liked a song composed by Denis Linde entitled "I Got a Fellingin my Body", which was a composition with a Gospel flavor, but with a current and more modern rhythm. It was current and Elvis would sing it strongly, with interest, the result was good, his voice was accompanied by the reinforcement of the choir and it could have been a success. The result was good and you can also see that he liked the rhythm and could compete with this song.
Elvis would choose another song that had already been heavily covered "Spanish Eyes", with a very sentimental tone, etc.
Although it is true that some songs with an accentuated rhythm were chosen, others calmer, Elvis' voice had recovered as well as his health. Understanding that his musical instrument had logically received an impact, he could have resented everything that had happened, but it was not like that after his healing. Although it was not what was really affected, obviously in an artist like Elvis, his voice was a reflection of his physical and psychic feelings, so if it could affect him and speak

Next August 31. New Tupelo to Memphis Program


Life tests us, makes us stumble from time to time with the same stone and as if we were unable to remember, we fall again without looking back, without realizing that this event is a consequence of our own actions

Life sometimes makes us stop suddenly, it even puts lights, signs, to reconsider our Path, the path that we take step by step. It is time to think and start something new, to free ourselves from the burdens that oppress us and make a full stop on our Path.

September 1973, Elvis Presley had fired Colonel Parker, but a few days later he admits it again, without insisting on trying his luck and opening a new door to his destiny.
Their separation is confirmed, through divorce, and it is another chapter that they have to assimilate and leave behind.
Elvis had already had other types of warnings that he should have heeded, in terms of his health, his habits and his dependence on him. But unfortunately sometimes we only see what we want to see blinded by our state. And instead of asking for help we close ourselves even more without solving anything, until that stone makes us fall again, with even more damage than the first time.
"Following The Path of the King..."

Next show...
From Tupelo to Memphis 80
On August 31, Wednesday, you can download or listen to our new program for free on Ivoox
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The feeling of the heart
Elvis Presley 1935-1977

When a loved one disappears, a large part of us also dies little by little until the memory regenerates the image so that it continues to be always by our side as a beautiful image to relive. When he is someone famous or popular and his influence was great in our lives, it is also reflected in our history, an artist like Elvis Presley, with his music, would join our steps, to be able to relive them again and again.
There are characters that go beyond time, history, that adhere to your own life, to your path as if they were a tattoo that you will always carry drawn on your body, inside you. The days will pass, perhaps the years, but that music, that voice, will always follow you wherever you go, as if it were a protective angel, accompanying us expressing your joy, your pain, your authentic feeling.
But even being something so shocking for us, sometimes the artist himself is not aware of his strength, his magnitude, he even ignores the future scope that he could have.
Elvis Presley was a very humble man, in his work, in his aspirations... although he had the greatest success, he had the love of his fans, he always tortured himself thinking that he had never done anything important, that no one would remember him , that his music would go unnoticed...
He would never know that not only in his time, but throughout history, he would be like a tattoo that is impregnated on the skin throughout our lives, through his voice, his feeling, through his great love, his music. .
But it is not necessary to draw his name on our body, without ink or colors, simply his music would be big and eternal enough to last forever on our path. History would not be the same without the voice of Elvis.
Elvis Presley, The Man, The Myth, The Voice... the Feeling of the Heart.

"Following the Path of the King..."

 Our program:
Las Vegas 9 Season August 1973

A season criticized by the press and unstable, for many reasons that weigh heavily on Elvis Presley. Elvis would perform again at the Hilton Hotel in this new season in which anything can happen. Really, this commitment for him was already tired and difficult because he felt at the Hilton as if it were his prison and he wondered why they kept doing the same thing.

 Elvis was tired of playing the part of Elvis, as he confessed to his producer Felton Jarvis. a difficult moment for him, personal because of the divorce, physical because of his health and his habits, but also because of his exhaustion so great that this season would be a reflection of his state of mind until it exploded at the end of the season ... All this , of the music, of the anecdotes and much more you will be able to know it when you listen to the new program.
"Following the Path of the King..."

De Tupelo a Memphis 78    From Tupelo a Memphis
Stax Studios.Julio 1973

The Program :

Elvis was back from his successful June tour and as of July 4, he had a few days off. In July 1973 RCA was demanding that Elvis Presley make recordings, in order to have new material to publish and market more records. It was a completely logical request, since artists must continue to promote themselves and offer news to the public. Elvis didn't want to move to Nashville, for convenience and because he had his daughter Lisa Marie these days. In this way he asked his friend, Marty Lacker, to look for a suitable studio close to Graceland.

Marty, who knew all the studios, chose Stax Studios, because of its proximity and because they were known for their special sound. Everything was arranged for Elvis to record comfortably there, from July 20 to 25, 1973. We will talk about these recordings, the studio, the unforeseen, the songs, etc, etc in our next program. Remember that the program is set with the music of the time...

Because we are living History!
"Following the Path of the King..."

From Tupelo to Memphis 77
Tour June-July 1973

You can now listen to it through::

Elvis had regained full control of his voice, of his performance. This Tour from June 20 to July 3, 1973.  Audience records were broken, Elvis would return to his moment of splendor glory. The change was incredible, Elvis grew with the crowds, with the challenges... he would have 17,000 people in the audience, which made him give his best. His enthusiasm, his good humor, even in movement tell that Elvis would once again do some shows worthy of the King. 
Where was the magic or the miracle of this change? It was Elvis Presley himself who recovered himself, after a few days of rest. The demand was such that many people had to return without a ticket. Elvis was radiant, although this time he had not lost weight, but that was not an obstacle in these concerts. 
Elvis once again demonstrated his indisputable talent!

" Following the Path of the King. .."

From Tupelo to Memphis 76
Lake Tahoe. 1973

enter the link:

May 1973, Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline Nevada. Elvis Presley has a new commitment for the new season of Concerts that was initially going to take place from May 3 to 20, but finally concerts had to be canceled, so it would be until May 16. There would be 26 Shows because 8 had been cancelled, something that would not have been foreseen, since the Hotel had sold all the tickets and there were even riots for having planned to reserve more tickets, above the capacity. Two years ago Elvis had performed there, this time not all the members of the Mafia were going with him, Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling had gone on vacation to Europe. Elvis was very upset about this, but they really were because everything was initially ok and he was going with some of the usual guys and nothing unusual was going to happen. mood swings in Lake Tahoe. There are several concerts that we can hear thanks to the fans, in which we can see that his voice was powerful and his state changes into some other, considering, we suppose, his state. Lake Tahoe was known to be vacation spot and being in a high altitude place, this could always affect Elvis's vocal cords. Changes in temperature and pressure have to be considered when singing and the previous time it was very annoying for him and in May it would be the same. Elvis would cancel concerts again for health reasons, but there was something else. He really never liked this place, the first time he said he was tired of trees, lakes and mountains. This second time, despite the fact that there was a lung problem and he had to be hospitalized, he was discharged but instead of complying with the rest of the contract, Elvis decided to leave and cancel the last days of the concert for health reasons. Graceland was perfect so it was clear that the second reason was stronger than the first. But it was logical, Elvis really couldn't stand the place, he had to make an effort to sing, due to the altitude of the place and also the repertoire of songs he had chosen, didn't vary much, so it didn't have much incentive for him. 

We are living History! 
"Following the King's Path..."

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From Tupelo to Memphis 75
April tour. 1973
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After finishing his contract in Las Vegas, Elvis stays there for a few days to rest, see shows and flies to Los Angeles, where, except for a few weekends in Palm Springs, he stays until the start of his tour in April. The 15th Annual Grammy Awards were held on March 3, 1973, at the Tennessee Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. Elvis wins the Grammy Award for Best Inspirational Performance for "He Touched Me." The awards are given in recognition of recording achievements made by musical artists during the previous year. The event was presented by Andy Williams and was televised in the United States by CBS, which has been the channel through which these awards have continued to be broadcast ever since. He has a few days off before going on tour, in which he takes up his favorite sport, karate. He always gave great importance to his training and for him it was essential to follow the teaching of Kang Rhee, his teacher. Ed Parker promotes Elvis to sixth degree black belt in his International Kenpo Karate Association and there is going to be a championship that Elvis wants to attend. USA and fifty-seven percent of the television audience watches the program. It is an absolute success. Elvis also sees him with his friends at his house in Los Angeles, when they finally see each other he feels proud of the show he has put on and seems to be very happy. This would give him new encouragement and strength to start the rehearsals and concerts in April again. Elvis on Tour again, a short tour during the month of April 1973. With more strength, his voice recovered so that he can once again perform some good concerts. Elvis is feeling well these days, in which he recovers his weakness and goes down form, due to his illness at the recent Hilton concerts in Las Vegas. We can hear the change that occurs in the April concerts, in which Elvis once again demonstrates his vocal power and his dedication to the public. A few days back to the successes and the satisfaction for the applause received from the public. Remember...
We are living history!
"Following the Path of the King..."

magic and eternity
January 8th, 1935.
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley always wondered why him? The reason for his life, for his existence... his purpose, was something that made her search, question and want to understand.  Over time he came to the conclusion that his mission in life was to make people happy through his music. When you are born with a gift, with a passion like music, you follow a Path sometimes unintentionally, because that feeling when performing seduces you and bewitches you for life, it would be inevitable and it is difficult to give it up. Elvis lived music as something unique and inexplicable since he was barely old, his voice was his gift, and the moment he listened to music he felt that inexplicable reason, that attraction that would always continue with him. Elvis knew that he was different from others, not only because of his sensitivity, but also because of his way of being, somewhat shy and insecure, very attached to his mother who was the one who really understood him. He was not a popular boy, but with his guitar with his voice, he attracted attention and this helped him to open up to people a little. His voice was special, unique, in his longing he always wanted to sing, be famous and above all recognized. Being accepted by others as he was, because since he was a child, the way of being different from him meant that not everyone appreciated him and many criticized him. This left its mark on his spirit and despite being a valuable person with an innate talent, his insecurity would be something that would dominate his way of being. Deep down, Elvis thought he didn't like it and with surprise he would accept his destiny, his success and his rise to fame. with his voice, in which he poured all his feeling and his truth. He would always be humble, despite everything, his hidden insecurity for his jokes, his laughter, his cheerful way with everyone, his great generosity and of course his exceptional talent, made him so great that the trace of him has crossed time.
 Elvis will always be loved for all this, but for him, it would be something incredible that over time, we followed his path and his music was always admired by everyone, precisely because of that humility. Elvis would always be generous, not only with his family, his friends , also with strangers, with admirers and also on these dates he always donated a lot of money to charities. Although he was recognized as a singer and was successful, one of the prizes that would give him the most pride would be recognition as one of the most outstanding people for his charitable acts, humanitarian service and as an artist. It was the Jaycee award that was given to him in January 1971, this was his greatest pride throughout his life despite his awards as an artist. This again shows his way of being, although special and different from others, he wanted what he wanted. we all yearn for, the loved one as he was and recognition as a person, not just as an artist. His doubts, his reason for living, would be the question he always asked himself. 
The reason why he had been so lucky and not someone else, not realizing that the ones who were really awarded his talent would be his fans. Because we were lucky to be able to listen to his music, to know his legacy, so his mission of being able to make people happy with his gift would come true forever. 
The magic of   him would become eternal.
January 8, 1935 the birth of a King, Elvis Presley!
“Following the Path of the King…”

The Season of Bewilderment Hilton Hotel.
Las Vegas. January-February 1973

8ª Temporada.Las Vegas 1973
The Program:

A few difficult days that gave rise to unexpected and upsetting events for Elvis Presley who had returned to the Hilton Hotel, in his eighth season, after an indisputable success in Hawaii, thanks to the broadcast of "Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite", in his Concert . Elvis accumulated a lot of enthusiasm in those days, a lot of nervousness and also, unfortunately, too many meaningless medications that would logically explode at the least opportune moment. Although he would start his Season normally, his voice was suffering from the change of time, stress and pills, a cocktail that would cause his vocal chords to give him problems. He went through what Elvis would never have wanted, he had to cancel several concerts, aphonia, loss of strength, illness, so the doctors recommended him to stop and rest. He initially complied, but would return to acting, because he didn't want to disappoint and miss out on his contract with the Hilton Hotel, having to leave a show midway through sudden loss of voice. Finally, he would follow the advice of an otorhinolaryngologist to properly care for his most precious instrument. Although he had to cancel more shows, the season would close successfully, the newspapers said that his illness had caused some weak performances, although it is true that he started and finished the concerts strongly. There were more unexpected situations that caused problems in the performances, by some fans who stormed the stage who were later confirmed to be carrying real weapons and could have caused a real disaster. But the worst would remain in Elvis's thoughts later, since he would explode in anger and blame his ex-wife's boyfriend for all this... A chaos that everyone would suffer with him during these days of February, but fortunately they will be resolved and they will return to the normal. A strange and disconcerting season for Elvis Presley, who would never have wanted to disappoint his public and even less cancel his shows, but the reality is that his health was not as strong as believed. You also had to add the economic problems that were about to explode because of the divorce that would lead to a decision that Elvis should never have made. For this reason he would accept one of the biggest "consensual scams" that Elvis Presley would experience and that would cost him the future loss of earnings by right, his music. These were times of change for Elvis ... "Following his Path King ..."

"Aloha From Hawaii Via Satelite"

The Path to Eternity

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The Life of the Artist has moments that are crucial in his career, in his artistic future, these represent one more test in his Path that must be carried out effectively and masterfully. Sometimes destiny gives the opportunity to enter through the big door into eternity to become a myth. But you have to pay a high price that sometimes involves such a great sacrifice that it can exhaust all your strength, if you don't have enough courage or you can't keep your image, quality, and talent on the rise. January 1973, Elvis Presley had already stepped on the Path of Fame, of success and his name had already gone down in music history as the King of Rock, but he would again have another great catwalk at the top ready to mythologize his name through the "Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite". Elvis was still the King... Start of a new year with high expectations for Elvis Presley who is very excited about the new project and in a very good mood. The satellite broadcast from Hawaii would be a great success for which Colonel Parker who fought and pawned all his strategies. The concert would be broadcast live via satellite and then delayed a few hours later. The forecast was for more than 40 countries and for more than a billion people to see it. It was an artistic challenge similar to the one Elvis had when he returned to TV in 1968, or when he returned to the stage in 1969, but obviously increasing the possibilities of going even further with this event. A great responsibility for someone who took his music and his artistic life very seriously. Elvis was getting ready and was back on a severe diet, to get in shape and shine again on stage. To carry out the Concert, the experience of a great producer named Marty Pasetta would be sought, who would be concerned with finding a new vision for his show, designing the stage and trying to improve his image. Elvis would take care of the rest, his acting, his repertoire and his rapprochement with an audience that would once again surrender to his idol. The broadcast of the Concert would take place on January 14, 1973.

From Tupelo to Memphis 72

The year 1972 ends, with the tour carried out in November by Elvis Presley, announcing to the world an event that will take place in January 1973. The satellite retransmission of a charity concert, which is going to be held in Hawaii. Although it has been a very hard year going through his separation, a time of emotional ups and downs, the positive you see that in his artistic life he was in a period of success and good reviews, this will encourage and worry him. Elvis was always aware that despite the recent successes, this event would be the most important he was going to do, being broadcast live to millions of people, the responsibility was very great for him. But the year ends with the Christmas celebrations in the company of his daughter Lisa Marie, with his new partner Linda Thompson and her friends. We will talk about this tour and these days in the next program, "From Tupelo to Memphis 72. November 1972."
Remember... We are living the History "Following the Path of the King..."
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From Tupelo to Memphis 71.
Vegas, Season 7..

The arrival of the Prince... Elvis returns from his performances on the June 1972 tour, a champion after having broken ticket sales records. Because of the good reviews received in all the newspapers and because of the excellent performances he had given, describing him as a "Prince from another Planet" ... he would come out triumphant in the most critical and harsh places in the country. For this reason he arrives with strength and with the peace of mind to perform again in his adopted City, Las Vegas, at the Hilton Hotel, his home The performances take place from August 4 to September 4 at the Hilton Hotel . Again they were well received, although it was compared to previous performances. Critics said they were better performances than Season 6 in January. Although his audience was loyal to him, over time they would become more demanding and wanted to see the same old Elvis. It is true that they were good performances, but Elvis had changed his show a bit, his repertoire was a bit calmer therefore his performance could not be as lively as in previous seasons. His performances were very similar to what could be seen in June of this year, so the comparisons would be somewhat absurd. since Elvis would sing just the same, so he put on very good shows, with the normal ups and downs of a show that runs daily for a month straight with no days off. Elvis was in a moment of searching, he did not want to be alone, his separation was already a fact published in the press and he wanted personal and family change... Before this, in July 1972, Elvis would meet a woman who from then on it would be his partner for years, Linda Thompson. We will talk about this and much more in our next program.
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We go back in time to the summer of 1972.
Remember, we are living history...
"Following The Path of the King..."

The power of presence.
"Magic and Eternity"

OnTour. June 1972.

Sometimes the image becomes as powerful and impressive as the talent itself. Elvis Presley, June 1972. It is true that if we analyze everything that Elvis Presley experienced in his career, it is evident that his voice, his magic, his interpretation was undoubtedly what makes us stand at his feet , magnetized, hypnotized spellbound. His voice reaches us to such an extent that it seems that he had not died, despite the years his songs are still there and his audience continues to be faithful, unconditional. We could describe him as someone eternal, timeless but there is also another important observation in him. His image, his presence, his aura... Elvis Presley when he entered the stage just seeing him dressed in white, with his cape as if he were a knight without a sword, but armed in such a special way, so different, so impressive.... It was already something unrepeatable, something indescribable.
Everyone who knew him would explain it this way and for that reason when he performed concerts in the auditorium of Madison Square Garden in New York they described him as a "Prince from another Planet", Because he really didn't even need to sing, His only presence impacted in such a way that the impression did not leave anyone indifferent. On stage he had stomped and just seeing him enter his image was that of being an exceptional being so special and different even unattainable, despite being an ordinary man, it was not only the voice, it was not only his feeling and his soul on stage, his presence also left us all speechless.
But we already know that the image is not only what we see but what is transmitted from the inside, therefore we understand that Elvis Presley was a magical and eternal being. And this is why we are living his story...
"Following The King's Path..." 
Focusing on the performances carried out in New York, Madison Square Garden, the greatest challenge for Elvis Presley, since They said it was the most demanding public in the US. Of this and many more...
Remember... We are Living History...!

Magic and Rhythm
Ronnie Tutt. D.E.P

He first time Ronnie Tutt had worked for Elvis would be for his return to the stage in Las Vegas. August 1969. Elvis wanted to choose the best drummer and was doing tests. Ron Tutt, an artist with great qualities, started at an early age of three and already had rhythmic and vocal faculties... He came and played the violin, with an orchestra, the ukulele, trumpet... and finally he opted for the drums, which would be his great passion. When he was called to the auditions, nobody trusted that a nameless musician like him would be chosen. Ronnie explained on several occasions that Elvis was relaxed in tests, he liked to hang out, for his test as a drummer he moved dancing and looking into his eyes to trust in the rapport he could have with his rhythm. . He wanted someone special and he found him... 
Ronnie kept an eye on him when accompanying him, his movements, his swaggers, he followed him with his gaze and rhythm, to the point of thinking that he was accompanying a stripper, because of the body vibration that impregnated Elvis, the jumps,... And this is the reason why it was chosen. Since Elvis needed that bodily freedom to move on stage as well as sing to his liking. He immediately liked this drummer who would remain in his band for years... Elvis said several times that Ronnie was the only drummer who followed his every move on stage and accentuated the movements on the drums. 
Ronnie is also the first American drummer of rock 'n' roll incorporating double drumming live in concert. After Elvis Presley he accompanied the singer Neil Diamond, with The Carpenters, Roy Orbison and Jerry Garcia, among others. But we could always observe this, in rehearsal and on stage Ronnie was a master of rhythm, he didn't take his eyes off him, he followed him in everything what he did even if he was joking, since Elvis Presley was an sometimes unpredictable artist and, obviously, on stage this was even more risky since they would only see him from behind or sometimes he could sing towards the musicians. 
Drummer Ronnie Tutt came to study Karate to be able to perform at Elvis shows. He was a very intuitive musician and he moved in a frenetic way, with the rhythm, to follow the influence of karate that would give Elvis a particular way of expressing his dance, to the point of becoming characteristic in his show, which is why Ronny Tutt looked for a way to be able to follow him better and mark more and accentuate everything that his body wanted to add to his performance. Elvis had a special affection for him, he knew that Ronnie was a great professional and although he always gave gifts to all his musicians, he gave him a ring that Elvis wore for years, in gratitude and friendship. 
Ronnie would wear it as pride, because he knew it was a special detail, as he was. When someone special leaves us, the great memories remain, his kindness, his generosity, his professionalism, his dedication and the affection that he showed for years. An exceptional being, his image, his rhythm remains in our memory because he would be inseparable... When I met him three years ago he seemed like a special person, with a shy smile and very attentive, he was very kind to me. With all my love. .. 
Today all of us who knew him, pay tribute to him... 
Rest in peace! 

Ana Albajara




January 08, 1935.

The Birth of a Legend

The future is sometimes unpredictable and when we are born no one can know what a person has in store throughout their existence and what, step by step, could convert them and lead them to success. Why does someone become a myth? Why could someone become a legend? We are born, grow up and live in a world that sometimes does not appreciate our qualities, in some cases leads us down other unforeseen paths, and in others treats us fairly and successfully. Although the effort, the quality, the experience and the situations we face make life a real surprise. 

Day by day we depend on the moment, we never know what could happen and life must be appreciated and squeezed to be able to enjoy moments that could be the happiest, or in any case, the minutes that perhaps we would never repeat... Fame, success are sometimes a utopia in the life of an artist... In the case of Elvis Presley, his birth, his family status, his humility and lack of resources would never have determined that future success, it was unlikely. .. But taking advantage of that moment, looking for that opportunity that should never be missed, would give him the opportunity to enter a world unthinkable in his circumstances, in the artistic world...

 His way of being, nervous, sensitive, restless and wanting to experiment and know... his innate musical nature would open that expected door that no artist wants to reject. His enthusiasm and optimism, that joy that made every opportunity a great experience, and his magnetism and natural charisma would do the rest. 

His unparalleled talent to be able to arrive with his presence before the public and his voice impregnated with his deepest feeling would open with a magic key that door that would take him towards his destiny, towards Eternity... The reason for Fame, for Legend ... sometimes it doesn't just depend on talent... A myth praises our dreams, our feelings, our aspirations, our hope and certainty that there is someone who could be followed and adored... 

Elvis Presley was born to sing and without love, with his music, with his soul and with such great love for the public, would become a myth, the Legend that we still love today despite time and distance... and that always manages to transport us to a world better through his voice, his gift.

The birth of the myth..."
Following the Path of the King..."


Following the Path of the King..."

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ELVIS PRESLEY the man, the myth, the King....
The feeling goes beyond the music, the voice...
It is the soul of the artist.


The Aura of the artist

On June 4, 1970 Elvis Presley he would start recording again at the Nashville Studios.
Some sessions that would give rise to thirty-six songs that would be part of three
albums that would also be memorable in the Elvis discography.
Many of these songs considered average in appearance, in the voice of
Elvis will become great themes and some excellent ones for their
master's degree. Musicians were a bit skeptical at the beginning of these
sessions for the songs that are going to be performed, but as soon as Elvis
entered the study speak of a special aura, of his presence, of his
kindness of him, the way he treated him and above all an angel in his being who made
that everyone who met him fell in love with him.
When Elvis began to sing, no one had any doubt that these sessions would be incredible, they recognized him as a star.
Many musicians are extremely technical and give more importance to the technique than feeling. Elvis was not a technician, he was above all a perfectionist musician but absolutely dedicated, passionate and his feeling prevailed in all interpretation giving those songs
initially you average the master touch to make them big songs hard to forget. His way of approaching sheet music with all the force, claw, feeling they made any interpretation a culminating moment, essential and this caught every musician who accompanied regardless of the technique. Since the refinement of technique without feeling does not make the artist.  And Elvis Presley
he was always a master in the art of singing, unlike others singers who have great voices, are very technical but don't have that gift
to convey the essence of music to the viewer. We will talk about these sessions in our next program FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 48, which we will divide into three programs.
Directed, scripted and narrated by Ana Albajara .
"Following the path of the King..."                    


"A big heart, a magical smile, a sensitive man who would give his soul on stage in search of his Path, A voice for Eternity..."



         TO MEMPHIS

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De Tupelo a Memphis 

"For many music is entertainment, it is decoration, it is laughter or memories, for others music is essence, it is heartbeat, it is Soul and ultimately Life. And life is celebrated day by day, music can be the reason and the Path of our journey, for this reason we celebrate the life of Elvis Presley. His day-to-day life, his absolute dedication to music, which was everything to him. And that despite his absence, he is still alive in our hearts. Music is life and that is why Elvis is and will continue to be alive despite the distance, despite the time.
"Following the path of the King..."
"We are living history..."

Estamos viviendo la historia... porque estamos...

"Siguiendo el Camino se el Rey..."

Reflections about the Artist 

Life is that accumulation of moments of wonderful moments that give us the opportunity to draw our path, that feeling at every moment that offers opportunities to direct our own destiny. The happiness of every second enjoyed step by step... Life can sometimes be the lost opportunity of some who get hopelessly lost in a haze of impossible dreams that despair the soul looking for an incredibly distant sky and wasting real time in fortuitous and deceptive moments of unreality. An artist sometimes gets lost in his dream, lives the moment of success, as if it were the greatest happiness, the culmination of his aspirations, all this reflected in each recording, each song performed in public , plunge the artist into a cloud charged with adrenaline, which is difficult to control, which he wants to feel again and again to fill his being, sometimes leaving aside his real world, his life, his family... 

That feeling that invites you to let go take the feeling of the music to the end. That click that jumps and triggers the feeling without control, overflowing the soul and filling the spirit... It is very possible that a normal person has moments similar to those that an artist pursues, but the complex personality that plunges us hopelessly into an abstract reality It would be compared in the feeling of someone like Elvis Presley, who gave his whole being on stage, in front of the public. 

Someone who, when he sang, poured his whole being into those notes that sprouted from his most intimate self, leaving his feeling in each score. His dedication was always maximum and absolute. That was one of the reasons he would go on to be the eternal artist that he became. And when the artist stops reaching that point, that click, that full feeling, when he cannot transmit through his beloved music, he is lost in time, he dies little by little every day, in his spirit there is an existential void, and she keeps looking for that moment in her life...

 Ana Albajara 


"Following the path of the King..."

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From Tupelo to Memphis 45


"On Stage" 1970...

 The new season of Las Vegas underway... from January this year. 1970 the beginning of a new decade in the life of Elvis Presley with a new illusion, the hope united to the music, the return to the most basic principles of him renewing the spirit and looking for happiness through the public. Rehearsals begin on January 10 to return to the stage again, before the public at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. But Elvis was no longer the same, from these shows he launches himself to the public with confidence, with claw, with the desire to take on the world and unlike the shows in August of last year, Elvis masters his nerves and is once again the owner From Stage. 

He was a restless and innovative artist, despite singing several songs in the repertoire of years ago, every day he was looking for something new and above all, finding himself with the difficult task of singing the same songs every day without getting tired. A complicated task for any artist who can get to hell if he doesn't control himself psychologically and looks for something new every day in that same song. But in 1970 Elvis Presley can offer the best of himself, and he will include new songs in his repertoire that will become legendary in his career.... 

https: // =u4csFnpZXek


"De dónde nace un mito? "
Desde el interior, donde no llega la visión sino sólo los sentimientos más profundos, las sensaciones más íntimas y fuertes que son difíciles de explicar, Nuestra psicología inexplicable en el ser humano a veces impredecible, y en ocasiones autómata.
Sólo en casos muy especiales elevamos a lo más alto , debido a esa inquietud intensa que nos provoca una canción , una actuación y que nos deja huella en nuestro camino...
Seguimos y adoramos la figura del artista que nos crea esa sensación in crescendo que queremos volver a sentir. Toda explicación podría ser absurda porque nos nace del yo más interno y no deja lugar a duda ni razón aparente.
Pero si tuviéramos que buscar la razón al mito de Elvis Presley, podríamos encontrar muchas explicaciones, como su talento innato, una voz calida y profunda , el grito de su alma en ocasiones agudizada por su entusiasmo, su fresca naturalidad, las notas incansables que hacen vibrar nuestro cuerpo, bailar con su ritmo... Y con el tiempo la maduración de su canto mas cercano y sincero, sus letras, sus pasiones que hacen aún más inquitante su interpretación y que toca y traspasa nuestra fibra interior.
Y al final su dolor, su soledad, su Amor, su búsqueda y su entrega...
Todo esto sumado a una atracción inexplicable y animal que hace a veces esclavo de la sinrazón al ser humano y que hace seguir hasta el más allá al personaje...
Elvis Presley, El hombre, El mito... El Rey... 
Ana Albajara 

"Where does a myth come from?"

No doubt the talent and magic of the voice of Elvis Presley.  For years he has come to
all the generations that admire him and remember him for his magnificent
his voice, for his ability to interpret without equal, for his maximum dedication in the
stage and for his unparalleled charisma.
His power was so great, his  magnetism of him, the attraction of him was intense in all who came to
meet him in person or hear his voice. All the people who they met knew of that magical aura that he had in person and that also
transmitted with his gift.  Elvis reached the public without equal and this would be the key to his success. His talent would reach beyond
time and will continue over the years. But there was also his smile...
The sweet face of the inner child was shown in an unparalleled smile. The acid and happy humor of him without comparison in his face that spontaneously sprouted at all times before his friends, his family and before his public. Their image of him was also essential, his personal attractiveness, his beauty was undoubted even in the worst moments, in the last moments, but there was also his smile...
Even in those times when he lacked the strength, the feeling of insecurity, the shyness, the fear, the pain, even in those moments he always let his eternal and magical smile shine through.
"Elvis' smile..."



We celebrated our 8th anniversary.  March 23, 2014 to 2022 

"Following the Path of the King..."