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Radio program dedicated to the figure of the artist Elvis Presley in which we follow the history of the man, the artist, to try to better understand his person, his music, his filmography, ... everything that happened at the time and especially the man who lived music until the last moment...


 "Following the path of the King..."

 Program presented, written and directed by Ana Albajara.

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Life sometimes gives you the opportunity to show your feelings through music, of the performance, of the thoughts... through your own heart that does not stop feeling and tries to transmit everything felt and experienced and you want to make it known. It is very possible that we make a mistake in the path to follow, on our path... 

And we want to understand everything that happens in our lives and share it... 

This program From Tupelo to Memphis takes us beyond the time and experience of Elvis Presley.  We want to know about his life, his music, his movies, his performances and above all we want to share his experiences on his  path. 

Step by step and making mistakes like him, once again... 

his successes, his mistakes... but above all the intention of this page and of our program is to try to get to know his story as much as possible and pass it on to others. There is so much information and so many sources that from our program we only want to give our own vision based on all the information that we have been following for years. 

Our program and page is different from other pages because we have our own opinion and knowledge of what we publish and analyze by reflecting on what happened. But beyond all this, there is the music of Elvis Presley that marks our Path and that is why we will continue in spite of everything until the end of his story.

"Following the Path of the King..."

Ana Albajara


"We are living history..."

April 10th Last Program. From Tupelo to Memphis 101.
"The Ultimate Tour , From Memphis to Eternity"

This last program is dedicated to the last Tour 29 and ends on 08/16/1977 with the death of Elvis Presley. How Elvis lived this Tour and the last days of it.
 Although the website will continue to grow in information, etc.
 I have been doing this audio program for 10 years and I thank all of you who have followed it.
 "Following the Way of The King..."
 Ana Albajara

You can now listen to the new program:
Tour 27 and 28

The year 1977 is one of the great unknowns in Elvis's life, possibly because fans did not want to see him suffer, but there are many reasons to know it.
April 1977, Elvis Presley goes on tour again, he is not physically well because he has had a crisis again, but he continues on his path. Although he is in a moment of ups and downs, his voice is still powerful and his maturation as an artist is reflected in his performance. It is true that in many cases Elvis could give a good performance, but his poor health drags him down to harm him on stage, so he also performs some bad shows.
Everything is reflected in the newspapers that on the one hand praise the artist and on the other plunge him into his misery. The press continues to pursue the failures, the instability, looking for any detail to harm Elvis Presley. They were really looking for profits at his expense, since his photographs and chronicles of him were sold in newspapers and magazines, making a lot of money.
Elvis still wanted to do well at his concerts and needed Ginger Alden's company to feel better, but he wouldn't see much of a response from her. Although Ginger always said that she loved Elvis and that she enjoyed watching his shows, her attitude was confusing to many, even to Elvis himself who sometimes thought that she only loved him out of interest.
Of the two Tours 27 and 28, of his performances and his attitude, etc. We talk about all this in the new program that you can listen to through the website:
From Tupelo to Memphis
You can also listen to it through Ivoox:

There is very little left to finish this program. Remember, we are living History!
"Following the Way of the King..."

Tour 25 and 26. 1977

Even if it's not the 28th you can now listen to the program!

1977 begins for Elvis Presley and although most of the fans did not know it, nor did the journalists... he was already very ill, although Elvis wanted to live, he was happy and enjoyed himself, he really should never have gone on these tours.
The medical opinion was very clear to him, if he did not stop the performances or did not reduce the pace of them, his worsening was doomed.
A year before he should have stopped, but that was not the case and this year he will suffer the serious consequences.
His performances are unstable, ups and downs, good and bad shows.
In addition to the concern about the book that was going to be written soon, written by Red, Sonny West and Dave Hebler... Elvis had a clear enemy who would be criticizing him, with cruelty and mockery. The Press, which day by day added more weight with his words to the worsening of his health.
Elvis felt happy with his new girlfriend, but his understanding was lacking and Elvis did not feel good about so many things.
He had little time left and without knowing it, he felt his end was getting closer and closer.
Program dedicated to Elvis Presley, his life, his music, his filmography.
Direction, voice-over and script: Ana Albajara
"Following the Way of the King..."

New Program

DE TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 98Tour 23, Las Vegas 15 and Tour 24

The year 1976 ends for Elvis Presley who made two short tours and his last season in Las Vegas. In good spirits, with a better physical condition although still having physical difficulties, Elvis ends the year successfully. Linda Thompson leaves the relationship after a meaningless period, while he meets Ginger Alden with whom he is going to start a relationship.
Although the situation is happy and sad at the same time, Elvis faces his shows with more strength, with good reviews and in shape. But in Las Vegas he once again stumbles upon his old demons that he continues to fight, not knowing that it would be the last time he would perform at the Hilton Hotel.
From the concerts, from all this and much more... in the new program.
Presented and directed by Ana Albajara
"Following the Way of the King..."


From Tupelo to Memphis 97
Escucha en Ivoox:

August 1976, a difficult time for Elvis due to his state of mind and health that will affect his performances during the first days of Tour 21. Bad reviews and despite his subsequent recovery, the tour was difficult for Elvis, who felt bad.
Tour 22 would fortunately change for him, once again giving hope and thinking about changing.
In October 1976 Elvis would perform the last recording sessions for RCA, in the Jungle Room of his house in Graceland.
We will talk about this and much more in the new program.
"Following the Way of the King..."
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Saturday, November 4 New Program:
Tours 18,19 and 20 1976

Elvis Presley returns to resume the Tours after two weeks of rest after the performances in Lake Tahoe. The reviews that could be read in the newspapers unfortunately had not been very good, they were contradictory at times and this was very upsetting for Elvis. They affected him a lot in his state of mind and in spite of still having his voice in good condition, independently of his state of health, in this time he begins to be very unstable, unpredictable as far as the concerts that he is going to realize from June 1976.

The performances were daily and from one place to another, although they were Tours of few days would be very tiring for Elvis Presley, who had been advised not to make so many tours for his health. But the economic necessity, the obligations and also the desire to sing in front of his public, made Elvis want to continue performing in a frenetic way from city to city. The musicians and the members of the Mafia, saw in him changes in his mood, in his way of acting, of addressing the public.
They didn't really know what would happen every day, because Elvis would always surprise them sometimes good and sometimes bad, the really worrying thing is that journalists already began to write about it. Regardless of whether he sang well or badly, it was already evident in the eyes of the press his changes and instability and also his tiredness. Also the fans could tell, but fortunately the loyalty of his audience was priceless, as his followers were faithful, loyal and filled the auditoriums with their screams, with their flashes and with all their enthusiasm.

The atmosphere among the members of the Mafia was very different from the past, there was a lot of distrust, jealousy and Elvis took refuge in himself because he no longer believed in anyone. It was a complicated time that had just begun in 1976.
"Following the Path of the King..."

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From Tupelo to Memphis 95.
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Tour 16 and 17. Lake Tahoe 5. 1976

Elvis sets off to perform his new Tour, starting in March 1976. At first he encounters changes that directly affect him on the part of the musicians, with the departure of Glen D. Hardin, Ronnie Tutt and James Burton, who is the one who changes his mind at the last minute and accepts another contract for more money. At this time, even though Elvis performs good concerts and is in perfect harmony with his voice, the press does not stop criticizing his overweight in an offensive way, without recognizing the quality of these shows. In April he is more unstable and in May he regains that stability, but the press continues to bother him. Elvis was always affected by these types of comments that could change his mood and his treatment of others.
From March to May Elvis made two Tours and a new Season in Lake Tahoe that would be his last.
We talk about this and much more in the program... Presented and directed by Ana Albajara.
"Following the Way of the King..."

From Tupelo to Memphis 93
Sessions February 1976

From Tupelo to Memphis 94
Sessions February 2, 1976

The new year 1976 begins with new economic expectations forced by the current situation in the life of Elvis Presley. First of all, his obligation to record new songs, with RCA, with which he has to comply to avoid a lawsuit. Elvis does not really want to record but he has to do it and refuses to do it in the already known studios, so Felton Jarvis tells him that if he is not going to record, they will go to Graceland with his RCA Truck.
Elvis reluctantly and reluctantly agrees to set up a studio in the Jungle Room, but is ultimately delighted to be able to record at his house and decides not to record anywhere else from then on.
His financial situation also forces him to book tours throughout the year, although Elvis is aware that he has severe colon/intestinal disease, fatigue/inadequate adrenal disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, painful arthritis, glaucoma in both eyes. In addition to being warned of serious consequences by doctors, he is going to agree to tour in order to financially compensate all the expenses he had assumed the previous year. Especially his "Lisa Marie" plane, which is to blame for most of this commitment due to the enormous budget and gasoline required for its maintenance.

This program talks about the beginning of the year and the recordings that he will make in February 1976. You can listen to it on the website, through the player or on the Ivoox page where it will be posted on the 31st. Free program to download or listen when you want.
Remember, we are living History!
"Following the Path of the King..."

Elvis Presley, the Man, the Myth... the King!
01/08/1935 to 08/16/1977

Elvis Presley, the Man, the Myth... the King!
01/08/1935 to 08/16/1977
We really celebrate his life, his laugh, his strength, his way of life... because Elvis chose to live as he wanted and for him, that was his freedom, even if he felt imprisoned in an urn exposed to the public.
We love his gift, his feeling, his generosity and his dedication to music, because without music, Elvis could not live or understand his Way. Music was his true love that he shared through his songs with his fans.
We do not believe in death, because we like life better and Elvis is still alive even if he is not with us. His music is so great that he has traversed all time and generation, Elvis is really still alive in our hearts.
For which we are thankful that he has crossed our path, because Elvis is still there to continue helping with his voice, delighting with his music... wherever he has gone, we hope that he has reached for end the true longing for him.
"Following the Path of the King..."

From Tupelo to Memphis

Lisa Marie Presley D.E.P

Sometimes we do not understand the designs of destiny, suddenly people die and it is true that life goes on because we must accept it. But we don't understand why some people die and others don't. We can only say that we want Lisa Marie to find peace and rest in peace, together with her father and her son.  She passed away tonight in Los Angeles.
 "Following the Path of the King..."



  "Following the Path of the King..."

We are translating our website into English.

But we are going little by little, we hope that the translation is the most appropriate. sorry for bothering you

The feeling of the heart
Elvis Presley 1935-1977

When a loved one disappears, a large part of us also dies little by little until the memory regenerates the image so that it continues to be always by our side as a beautiful image to relive. When he is someone famous or popular and his influence was great in our lives, it is also reflected in our history, an artist like Elvis Presley, with his music, would join our steps, to be able to relive them again and again.
There are characters that go beyond time, history, that adhere to your own life, to your path as if they were a tattoo that you will always carry drawn on your body, inside you. The days will pass, perhaps the years, but that music, that voice, will always follow you wherever you go, as if it were a protective angel, accompanying us expressing your joy, your pain, your authentic feeling.
But even being something so shocking for us, sometimes the artist himself is not aware of his strength, his magnitude, he even ignores the future scope that he could have.
Elvis Presley was a very humble man, in his work, in his aspirations... although he had the greatest success, he had the love of his fans, he always tortured himself thinking that he had never done anything important, that no one would remember him , that his music would go unnoticed...
He would never know that not only in his time, but throughout history, he would be like a tattoo that is impregnated on the skin throughout our lives, through his voice, his feeling, through his great love, his music. .
But it is not necessary to draw his name on our body, without ink or colors, simply his music would be big and eternal enough to last forever on our path. History would not be the same without the voice of Elvis.
Elvis Presley, The Man, The Myth, The Voice... the Feeling of the Heart.

"Following the Path of the King..."

magic and eternity
January 8th, 1935.
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley always wondered why him? The reason for his life, for his existence... his purpose, was something that made her search, question and want to understand.  Over time he came to the conclusion that his mission in life was to make people happy through his music. When you are born with a gift, with a passion like music, you follow a Path sometimes unintentionally, because that feeling when performing seduces you and bewitches you for life, it would be inevitable and it is difficult to give it up. Elvis lived music as something unique and inexplicable since he was barely old, his voice was his gift, and the moment he listened to music he felt that inexplicable reason, that attraction that would always continue with him. Elvis knew that he was different from others, not only because of his sensitivity, but also because of his way of being, somewhat shy and insecure, very attached to his mother who was the one who really understood him. He was not a popular boy, but with his guitar with his voice, he attracted attention and this helped him to open up to people a little. His voice was special, unique, in his longing he always wanted to sing, be famous and above all recognized. Being accepted by others as he was, because since he was a child, the way of being different from him meant that not everyone appreciated him and many criticized him. This left its mark on his spirit and despite being a valuable person with an innate talent, his insecurity would be something that would dominate his way of being. Deep down, Elvis thought he didn't like it and with surprise he would accept his destiny, his success and his rise to fame. with his voice, in which he poured all his feeling and his truth. He would always be humble, despite everything, his hidden insecurity for his jokes, his laughter, his cheerful way with everyone, his great generosity and of course his exceptional talent, made him so great that the trace of him has crossed time.
 Elvis will always be loved for all this, but for him, it would be something incredible that over time, we followed his path and his music was always admired by everyone, precisely because of that humility. Elvis would always be generous, not only with his family, his friends , also with strangers, with admirers and also on these dates he always donated a lot of money to charities. Although he was recognized as a singer and was successful, one of the prizes that would give him the most pride would be recognition as one of the most outstanding people for his charitable acts, humanitarian service and as an artist. It was the Jaycee award that was given to him in January 1971, this was his greatest pride throughout his life despite his awards as an artist. This again shows his way of being, although special and different from others, he wanted what he wanted. we all yearn for, the loved one as he was and recognition as a person, not just as an artist. His doubts, his reason for living, would be the question he always asked himself. 
The reason why he had been so lucky and not someone else, not realizing that the ones who were really awarded his talent would be his fans. Because we were lucky to be able to listen to his music, to know his legacy, so his mission of being able to make people happy with his gift would come true forever. 
The magic of   him would become eternal.
January 8, 1935 the birth of a King, Elvis Presley!
“Following the Path of the King…”

The power of presence.
"Magic and Eternity"

OnTour. June 1972.

Sometimes the image becomes as powerful and impressive as the talent itself. Elvis Presley, June 1972. It is true that if we analyze everything that Elvis Presley experienced in his career, it is evident that his voice, his magic, his interpretation was undoubtedly what makes us stand at his feet , magnetized, hypnotized spellbound. His voice reaches us to such an extent that it seems that he had not died, despite the years his songs are still there and his audience continues to be faithful, unconditional. We could describe him as someone eternal, timeless but there is also another important observation in him. His image, his presence, his aura... Elvis Presley when he entered the stage just seeing him dressed in white, with his cape as if he were a knight without a sword, but armed in such a special way, so different, so impressive.... It was already something unrepeatable, something indescribable.
Everyone who knew him would explain it this way and for that reason when he performed concerts in the auditorium of Madison Square Garden in New York they described him as a "Prince from another Planet", Because he really didn't even need to sing, His only presence impacted in such a way that the impression did not leave anyone indifferent. On stage he had stomped and just seeing him enter his image was that of being an exceptional being so special and different even unattainable, despite being an ordinary man, it was not only the voice, it was not only his feeling and his soul on stage, his presence also left us all speechless.
But we already know that the image is not only what we see but what is transmitted from the inside, therefore we understand that Elvis Presley was a magical and eternal being. And this is why we are living his story...
"Following The King's Path..." 
Focusing on the performances carried out in New York, Madison Square Garden, the greatest challenge for Elvis Presley, since They said it was the most demanding public in the US. Of this and many more...
Remember... We are Living History...!

Magic and Rhythm
Ronnie Tutt. D.E.P

He first time Ronnie Tutt had worked for Elvis would be for his return to the stage in Las Vegas. August 1969. Elvis wanted to choose the best drummer and was doing tests. Ron Tutt, an artist with great qualities, started at an early age of three and already had rhythmic and vocal faculties... He came and played the violin, with an orchestra, the ukulele, trumpet... and finally he opted for the drums, which would be his great passion. When he was called to the auditions, nobody trusted that a nameless musician like him would be chosen. Ronnie explained on several occasions that Elvis was relaxed in tests, he liked to hang out, for his test as a drummer he moved dancing and looking into his eyes to trust in the rapport he could have with his rhythm. . He wanted someone special and he found him... 
Ronnie kept an eye on him when accompanying him, his movements, his swaggers, he followed him with his gaze and rhythm, to the point of thinking that he was accompanying a stripper, because of the body vibration that impregnated Elvis, the jumps,... And this is the reason why it was chosen. Since Elvis needed that bodily freedom to move on stage as well as sing to his liking. He immediately liked this drummer who would remain in his band for years... Elvis said several times that Ronnie was the only drummer who followed his every move on stage and accentuated the movements on the drums. 
Ronnie is also the first American drummer of rock 'n' roll incorporating double drumming live in concert. After Elvis Presley he accompanied the singer Neil Diamond, with The Carpenters, Roy Orbison and Jerry Garcia, among others. But we could always observe this, in rehearsal and on stage Ronnie was a master of rhythm, he didn't take his eyes off him, he followed him in everything what he did even if he was joking, since Elvis Presley was an sometimes unpredictable artist and, obviously, on stage this was even more risky since they would only see him from behind or sometimes he could sing towards the musicians. 
Drummer Ronnie Tutt came to study Karate to be able to perform at Elvis shows. He was a very intuitive musician and he moved in a frenetic way, with the rhythm, to follow the influence of karate that would give Elvis a particular way of expressing his dance, to the point of becoming characteristic in his show, which is why Ronny Tutt looked for a way to be able to follow him better and mark more and accentuate everything that his body wanted to add to his performance. Elvis had a special affection for him, he knew that Ronnie was a great professional and although he always gave gifts to all his musicians, he gave him a ring that Elvis wore for years, in gratitude and friendship. 
Ronnie would wear it as pride, because he knew it was a special detail, as he was. When someone special leaves us, the great memories remain, his kindness, his generosity, his professionalism, his dedication and the affection that he showed for years. An exceptional being, his image, his rhythm remains in our memory because he would be inseparable... When I met him three years ago he seemed like a special person, with a shy smile and very attentive, he was very kind to me. With all my love. .. 
Today all of us who knew him, pay tribute to him... 
Rest in peace! 

Ana Albajara




January 08, 1935.

The Birth of a Legend

The future is sometimes unpredictable and when we are born no one can know what a person has in store throughout their existence and what, step by step, could convert them and lead them to success. Why does someone become a myth? Why could someone become a legend? We are born, grow up and live in a world that sometimes does not appreciate our qualities, in some cases leads us down other unforeseen paths, and in others treats us fairly and successfully. Although the effort, the quality, the experience and the situations we face make life a real surprise. 

Day by day we depend on the moment, we never know what could happen and life must be appreciated and squeezed to be able to enjoy moments that could be the happiest, or in any case, the minutes that perhaps we would never repeat... Fame, success are sometimes a utopia in the life of an artist... In the case of Elvis Presley, his birth, his family status, his humility and lack of resources would never have determined that future success, it was unlikely. .. But taking advantage of that moment, looking for that opportunity that should never be missed, would give him the opportunity to enter a world unthinkable in his circumstances, in the artistic world...

 His way of being, nervous, sensitive, restless and wanting to experiment and know... his innate musical nature would open that expected door that no artist wants to reject. His enthusiasm and optimism, that joy that made every opportunity a great experience, and his magnetism and natural charisma would do the rest. 

His unparalleled talent to be able to arrive with his presence before the public and his voice impregnated with his deepest feeling would open with a magic key that door that would take him towards his destiny, towards Eternity... The reason for Fame, for Legend ... sometimes it doesn't just depend on talent... A myth praises our dreams, our feelings, our aspirations, our hope and certainty that there is someone who could be followed and adored... 

Elvis Presley was born to sing and without love, with his music, with his soul and with such great love for the public, would become a myth, the Legend that we still love today despite time and distance... and that always manages to transport us to a world better through his voice, his gift.

The birth of the myth..."
Following the Path of the King..."



"Following the Path of the King..."


ELVIS PRESLEY the man, the myth, the King....
The feeling goes beyond the music, the voice...
It is the soul of the artist.


The Aura of the artist

On June 4, 1970 Elvis Presley he would start recording again at the Nashville Studios.
Some sessions that would give rise to thirty-six songs that would be part of three
albums that would also be memorable in the Elvis discography.
Many of these songs considered average in appearance, in the voice of
Elvis will become great themes and some excellent ones for their
master's degree. Musicians were a bit skeptical at the beginning of these
sessions for the songs that are going to be performed, but as soon as Elvis
entered the study speak of a special aura, of his presence, of his
kindness of him, the way he treated him and above all an angel in his being who made
that everyone who met him fell in love with him.
When Elvis began to sing, no one had any doubt that these sessions would be incredible, they recognized him as a star.
Many musicians are extremely technical and give more importance to the technique than feeling. Elvis was not a technician, he was above all a perfectionist musician but absolutely dedicated, passionate and his feeling prevailed in all interpretation giving those songs
initially you average the master touch to make them big songs hard to forget. His way of approaching sheet music with all the force, claw, feeling they made any interpretation a culminating moment, essential and this caught every musician who accompanied regardless of the technique. Since the refinement of technique without feeling does not make the artist.  And Elvis Presley
he was always a master in the art of singing, unlike others singers who have great voices, are very technical but don't have that gift
to convey the essence of music to the viewer. We will talk about these sessions in our next program FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 48, which we will divide into three programs.
Directed, scripted and narrated by Ana Albajara .
"Following the path of the King..."                    


"A big heart, a magical smile, a sensitive man who would give his soul on stage in search of his Path, A voice for Eternity..."



         TO MEMPHIS

On our page you have all the links to be able to listen to the programs dedicated to Elvis Presley. They take place once a month and can be downloaded or listened to through Ivoox:

De Tupelo a Memphis 

"For many music is entertainment, it is decoration, it is laughter or memories, for others music is essence, it is heartbeat, it is Soul and ultimately Life. And life is celebrated day by day, music can be the reason and the Path of our journey, for this reason we celebrate the life of Elvis Presley. His day-to-day life, his absolute dedication to music, which was everything to him. And that despite his absence, he is still alive in our hearts. Music is life and that is why Elvis is and will continue to be alive despite the distance, despite the time.
"Following the path of the King..."
"We are living history..."

Estamos viviendo la historia... porque estamos...

"Siguiendo el Camino se el Rey..."

Reflections about the Artist 

Life is that accumulation of moments of wonderful moments that give us the opportunity to draw our path, that feeling at every moment that offers opportunities to direct our own destiny. The happiness of every second enjoyed step by step... Life can sometimes be the lost opportunity of some who get hopelessly lost in a haze of impossible dreams that despair the soul looking for an incredibly distant sky and wasting real time in fortuitous and deceptive moments of unreality. An artist sometimes gets lost in his dream, lives the moment of success, as if it were the greatest happiness, the culmination of his aspirations, all this reflected in each recording, each song performed in public , plunge the artist into a cloud charged with adrenaline, which is difficult to control, which he wants to feel again and again to fill his being, sometimes leaving aside his real world, his life, his family... 

That feeling that invites you to let go take the feeling of the music to the end. That click that jumps and triggers the feeling without control, overflowing the soul and filling the spirit... It is very possible that a normal person has moments similar to those that an artist pursues, but the complex personality that plunges us hopelessly into an abstract reality It would be compared in the feeling of someone like Elvis Presley, who gave his whole being on stage, in front of the public. 

Someone who, when he sang, poured his whole being into those notes that sprouted from his most intimate self, leaving his feeling in each score. His dedication was always maximum and absolute. That was one of the reasons he would go on to be the eternal artist that he became. And when the artist stops reaching that point, that click, that full feeling, when he cannot transmit through his beloved music, he is lost in time, he dies little by little every day, in his spirit there is an existential void, and she keeps looking for that moment in her life...

 Ana Albajara 


"Following the path of the King..."

 I recommend you listen to this iVoox audio! 

From Tupelo to Memphis 45


"On Stage" 1970...

 The new season of Las Vegas underway... from January this year. 1970 the beginning of a new decade in the life of Elvis Presley with a new illusion, the hope united to the music, the return to the most basic principles of him renewing the spirit and looking for happiness through the public. Rehearsals begin on January 10 to return to the stage again, before the public at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. But Elvis was no longer the same, from these shows he launches himself to the public with confidence, with claw, with the desire to take on the world and unlike the shows in August of last year, Elvis masters his nerves and is once again the owner From Stage. 

He was a restless and innovative artist, despite singing several songs in the repertoire of years ago, every day he was looking for something new and above all, finding himself with the difficult task of singing the same songs every day without getting tired. A complicated task for any artist who can get to hell if he doesn't control himself psychologically and looks for something new every day in that same song. But in 1970 Elvis Presley can offer the best of himself, and he will include new songs in his repertoire that will become legendary in his career.... 

https: // =u4csFnpZXek


"Where does a myth come from?"

From the inside, where vision does not come but only the deepest feelings, the most intimate and strong sensations that are difficult to explain, Our inexplicable psychology in the human being is sometimes unpredictable, and sometimes automaton.
Only in very special cases do we rise to the highest, due to that intense restlessness that a song, a performance provokes in us and that leaves a mark on our path...
We follow and adore the figure of the artist who creates that crescendo sensation that we want to feel again. Any explanation could be absurd because it comes from our innermost self and leaves no room for doubt or apparent reason.
But if we were to look for the reason for the myth of Elvis Presley, we could find many explanations, such as his innate talent, a warm and deep voice, the cry of his soul sometimes heightened by his enthusiasm, his fresh naturalness, the tireless notes that he makes. vibrate our body, dance with its rhythm... And over time the maturation of its most intimate and sincere song, its lyrics, its passions that make its interpretation even more exciting and that touches and pierces our inner fiber.
And in the end his pain, his loneliness, his love, his search and his surrender...
All this added to an inexplicable and animalistic attraction that sometimes makes the human being a slave to unreason and that makes the character continue to the afterlife...
Elvis Presley, The Man, The Myth... The King...

Ana Albajara 

"Elvis's Smile"

No doubt the talent and magic of the voice of Elvis Presley.  For years he has come to
all the generations that admire him and remember him for his magnificent
his voice, for his ability to interpret without equal, for his maximum dedication in the
stage and for his unparalleled charisma.
His power was so great, his  magnetism of him, the attraction of him was intense in all who came to
meet him in person or hear his voice. All the people who they met knew of that magical aura that he had in person and that also
transmitted with his gift.  Elvis reached the public without equal and this would be the key to his success. His talent would reach beyond
time and will continue over the years. But there was also his smile...
The sweet face of the inner child was shown in an unparalleled smile. The acid and happy humor of him without comparison in his face that spontaneously sprouted at all times before his friends, his family and before his public. Their image of him was also essential, his personal attractiveness, his beauty was undoubted even in the worst moments, in the last moments, but there was also his smile...
Even in those times when he lacked the strength, the feeling of insecurity, the shyness, the fear, the pain, even in those moments he always let his eternal and magical smile shine through.
"Elvis' smile..."



We celebrated our 8th anniversary.  March 23, 2014 to 2022 

"Following the Path of the King..."