Hotel Sahara Tahoe , Stateline, Nevada


1 Season. July 1971 at the SAHARA TAHOE HOTEL, Stateline, Nevada. The mirage of success.

Elvis Presley optimistically returns to his concerts in Stateline, Nevada, at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel. It was July 20, 1971, kicking off the Elvis Summer Festival that would continue the following month in Las Vegas. Two weeks in an ideal tourist spot for sports and ski lovers, next to Lake Tahoe. The performances carried out would be one of the best artistic moments of Elvis Presley in 1971. A place that was not only isolated due to its situation, but also meant that there were not many media, press, etc., so it would be a liberation for him and also for members of the Mafia and other personnel.
 On the one hand it was a great initial experience but there were events that would end the Lake Tahoe season in an abrupt way. Although there was almost no press, it was unanimous and the reviews of these concerts would be an incentive to continue with success... This would be the first series of concerts in Lake Tahoe, since Elvis would sing there again in 1973, 1974 and 1976 in the High Sierra Theatre. 
Elvis really enjoyed himself on this stage, bringing back his usual team of musicians, with Joe Guercio again as director and his vocal accompaniment with Los Imperials, Sweet Inspirations and Kathy Westmoreland. 
The only novelty was the substitution of comedian Sammy Shore for Nipsey Russell. And the introduction with the theme "Also Sprach Zarathustra" the overture, now finally orchestrated for the first time to start the shows (it is considered the first time, since in previous concerts it started with Glen D. Hardin's piano, not with whole orchestra). 

FROM TUPELO TO MEMPHIS 63. Sahara Tahoe. 1971 

"Following the Path of the King..."

Success and destiny.

Sahara Tahoe Hotel. July 20 to August 2, 1971.

In July 1971 Elvis set a new audience record at Lake Tahoe, with his performances at the Sahara Hotel in Stateline, Nevada. 28 performances and a full house that would fill all the ambitions for him and Colonel Parker.
If we were to look back in time ... the year 1971 had begun with the Jaycee Award, the performances in Vegas and the certainty that in Concert, Elvis would be successful, and his tours were the path to choose . Elvis was happy on the one hand because he had achieved his goal, his music, his audience... to be the biggest artist again. But we must also consider other circumstances, Elvis wanted to sing new songs and surprise on stage, his stage movements were adorned by karate that added another particular and different attraction to the show.
The beginning of the tours outside of Vegas was the direction to go, because that way they would have more profit, but the price would be very high. The shows had a clear purpose for Elvis, apart from economic reasons, they were his life... he would put everything else before the shows, his personal and family life and even whether or not he had to record in a studio... It's clear that in order to continue being at the top, in the artistic world you have to renew yourself and update your repertoire. Record new and good songs and publish, promote, broadcast the songs and also advertise on TV, which at the time was still the ideal medium.

Of course tours were important, but Elvis wanted to sing new songs, but he was using 80% of the repertoire or more... with songs from his early days, with songs that he had even left behind. The ones that he had recently recorded since 1969 were being sung from time to time, but they would have to occupy 50% and have added some of the beginnings for the fans, but the rest was a new inclusion of songs that could have surprised the audience. public and encouraged Elvis to continue singing. Unfortunately this was one of Elvis' own mistakes that led to boredom, this would be coming in no time.
If we look at the repertoire chosen by Elvis at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, this was the direction to follow, adding that a week later the performances continued in Las Vegas, with almost no time to rehearse anything other than what they already had in the present , there wouldn't be much news either... These decisions would weigh on him over time... but Elvis never had a manager who would advise well in these cases...
The Colonel, he didn't know or didn't want to change or Elvis never let him get involved in these decisions. It didn't help commercially either that they released albums like the one that would be released at this time, "C'mon everybody", a compilation LP of songs from movies (it didn't make any sense at this time), after 20 days of releasing the album "Love letters from Elvis", with new songs!... But that was the path that RCA and the Colonel were going to take. With all this, Elvis was still in a great moment despite having health problems and more things that would have to happen in these two weeks... The present moment in July could have given a crucial turn to his career, but the designs of destiny are like this... and we choose our path being able to change our lives...
Elvis Presley... the man, the myth, the King!

"Following the Path of the King..."

Jumpsuits Season One Lake Tahoe 1971

Jumsuits July 20 to August 2, 1971.
Again the designer Bill Belew would be the creator of the suits that Elvis was going to wear in these two weeks of concert in the performances held at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Stateline, Nevada. The creation and design of it was already a classic in Elvis shows. It was one more feature that adorned his show and the image of Elvis on stage would come even more alive with these suits or jumpsuits. In this season of Lake Tahoe, there are many speculations about the clothes that Elvis wore.
Keep in mind that there are very few scene photos and for some reason there was no media. In any case, only very few journalists and photographers and they only chronicled the performances but did not add many photos.
As for the public, the photographs that exist do not have much quality, for this reason there is no security regarding the information of the jumpsuits. It is known that he did use these jumpsuits accurately: The Turquoise Concho and Cobweb Suit with the Assistance Belt golden . The Concho Suit is known because there is an anecdotal photograph.

"Turquoise or Turquoise Concho":
It was a white jumpsuit with metal rings on the lapels and on both legs. It was paired with an original Turquoise Concho belt. This suit belt was also worn with the 1972 White Turquoise Concho two-piece suit during the August-September 1972 engagement in Las Vegas. wore as decoration. A photo of Elvis in this suit would appear on the cover of his 1971 album "Now", hence the nickname "Now Suit".
It was used in Las Vegas and in Lake Tahoe this same year 1971.

"Cobweb suit" or Spider web suit, also called "White Sunburst":
It was a white jumpsuit with a spiderweb pattern design, adorned with the gold belt. Elvis wore this casual suit possibly only once or twice during the July-August engagement at Lake Tahoe in 1971. There were also at least two different two-piece versions. made with the same "spiderweb" design:
Light Blue Cobweb Two-piece
This one wore light blue pants to match the light blue sleeveless jacket. The shirt was white, adorned with a gold belt. This two-piece suit is sometimes known as the English Lord Suit.

Possible unconfirmed: Knot Suit, Tassel Star Suit and Cisco Kid with some of their color variations.
Elvis moved around in these suits or jumpsuits at ease, because they were tailored for him and he could even do his karate moves in them.
The effect that they created with the lights on stage was another good reason to be able to contemplate these dresses that with time would become more ornate, would have more rhinestones, etc. It was one more detail in the magic of his show.

"Following the Path of the King..."

Hotel Sahara Tahoe .1971

Two weeks in another dimension

Sahara Tahoe Hotel. July 20 to August 2, 1971. During these two weeks in Stateline, Nevada, Elvis sang on a special stage slightly smaller than the Hilton International Hotel in Las Vegas. But the peculiarity of this place was the height, for which he would have to be very careful and make much more effort on stage to sing. Everyone noticed the altitude of this place, which is really a place for skiers, athletes and to get away from the madding crowd.
The Sahara Hotel had its share of madding crowd, due to the Casino which brought a little closer to normal life for those who went there, but otherwise the place was surrounded by mountains, trees and the largest lake, Tahoe, made to think that they were in another dimension of the usual space.
Although at first Elvis liked the place a lot, as the two weeks passed, Lamar Fike would say that on one of the last days he and Elvis were having breakfast, then he said: "If you say one more damn time how beautiful those damn pine trees and that lake, I'll throw this chair out the window."
This shows that Elvis was more of a man of bustle, at night, of noise, although he liked sports and the countryside... evidently the place ended up tiring him and he preferred a city like Las Vegas to perform.
Regardless of this, he tried to make his life there as if he were in Las Vegas, he invited an actress named Peggy Lipton, who he had met a few days before, and invited her to Tahoe for the first days of acting. Joe Esposito made the call, and in July 1971, Elvis got on the phone and invited Peggy to her first engagement at Sahara Tahoe.
He knew that she was interested in books on spirituality and he believed that he would have something special to share with her. The first thing they did with her was pick her up on a private jet to go to Tahoe. Elvis himself was on this plane and when he sat down next to him the first thing he did was show him a tray with some jewels in cases, this seemed somewhat incorrect and rehearsed, but finally he accepted a ring that had an initial, the p, with small diamonds.
Peggy would describe him as intelligent, charming and also funny, although in reality they had nothing in common, they just liked each other. She said of Elvis that he "kissed like a God", but unfortunately, although he tried to have a story with her, an affair, he medicated himself too much and in the end it couldn't be.
But it was a warning of what could happen later with those medications because one of the first nights, Elvis had to be revived because he fell into a strong stupor and woke up violently with nausea and suffocation... life was showing him signs in bright lights to warn him of these errors, which unfortunately he did not interpret and even more things would happen there until the end of the concerts. Regardless of this, on stage Elvis made very good performances in Lake Tahoe, the public was delighted and it would be the first season there.

"Proud Mary"

"PROUD MARY"by John Fogerty. Sahara Tahoe Hotel. July 20 to August 2, 1971. Elvis added this recent Creedence Clearwater Revival hit to his Sahara Tahoe Hotel repertoire in July 1971. He had already performed this song in January 1970, for his second season of performances at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.
John Fogerty, the composer and singer of the rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival, had a great success with this song in 1969. Fogerty was an artist with a wide vocal range and also one of the great guitarists of the moment.
His rivalry as a composer with the rest of the group made him leave the band to make his artistic life alone from the year 1973, although he would not have the same success.
This song has been heavily covered. The best known version was that of Tina Turner, who also made it unforgettable. It is a song that greatly encourages the audience and Elvis liked to perform it live, although curiously he had never recorded it in a studio. The recording that was made of the performance in Las Vegas on February 16, 1970, was included in the "On Stage" Album.
It is a song that suits him very well, vocally it fits with his range and it is perfect to perform live, so Elvis would feel very comfortable singing this score in front of his audience.
It was a moment of animation and in which the public gave free rein to his enthusiasm, with rhythm. For this reason he continued to sing it until 1972 on occasions and later in 1974. Elvis's interpretation varies according to his mood, in the tempo that is performed in performance, he always did good interpretations of "Proud Mary".
The song was featured in the 1972 documentary Elvis on Tour. Live versions of the song can be found at: "Elvis, As recorded At Madison Square Garden", "Walk A Mile In My Shoes", "An Afternoon In The Garden" , "Live In Las Vegas", "Elvis: Close Up" , "Viva Las Vegas", plus the FTD releases "Polk Salad Annie", "An American Trilogy", etc.
A song that, sung live by Elvis, invited you to dance and let yourself go...

"Following the Path of the King..."



2 Temporada en HOTEL SAHARA, Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada
Mayo 1973

May 1973, Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline Nevada. Elvis Presley has a new commitment for the new season of Concerts that was initially going to take place from May 3 to 20, but finally concerts had to be canceled, so it would be until May 16.
There would be 26 Shows because 8 had been cancelled, something that would not have been foreseen, since the Hotel had sold all the tickets and there were even riots due to the fact that more tickets were reserved, above the capacity.
It had been two years since Elvis had performed there, this time not all the members of the Mafia were going with him, Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling had gone on vacation to Europe. Elvis was very upset about this, but they really went because everything was initially ok and he was going with other of the usual guys and nothing unusual would have to happen.
Although he had recovered and gave some excellent concerts in April, he would again suffer physical ups and downs and mood swings in Lake Tahoe. There are several concerts that we can listen to thanks to the fans, in which we can see that his voice was powerful and his state changed. in some other, considering we suppose, his state. Lake Tahoe was known for being a vacation spot and being in a high altitude place, this could always affect Elvis's vocal cords.
Changes in temperature and pressure have to be considered when singing and the previous time it was very annoying for him and in May it would be the same. Elvis would cancel concerts again for health reasons, but there was something else. He really never liked this place, the first time he said he was tired of trees, lakes and mountains.
This second time, despite the fact that there was a lung problem and he had to be hospitalized, he was discharged but instead of fulfilling the rest of the contract, Elvis decided to leave and cancel the last days of the concert for health reasons.
When he arrived at Graceland he was perfect so it was clear that the second reason, he was more than the first. But it was logical, Elvis really couldn't stand the place, he had to make an effort to sing, because of the altitude of the place and also the repertoire of songs that he had chosen, didn't vary much, so it didn't have much incentive for him.

"Following the Path of the King..."

Hotel Sahara Tahoe
May 1973

The second season that Elvis Presley planned to perform in Lake Tahoe, would already begin with problems related to tickets. The management of the Hotel Sahara where the performance was going to take place, had anticipated sales above the capacity of the room. It was something that was sometimes done, but this time the figures were exceeded and this caused complaints and created some disturbances.
Hundreds of people could not attend the concerts, in the first days. It must always be taken into account that when the concerts are held in Hotel Rooms, it was an extreme risk for the public, which could not be allowed.
You also have to take into account how close Elvis is to the audience, when it's a small room you can see everything, his appearance, his gestures and of course the way he moves, his voice...
It would be for this reason that the Variety journalists began their criticism by saying that Elvis was overweight, that he was seen as discouraged and that his voice was not as fit as it was in April.
It is clear that Elvis had made an effort on the previous tour, that it was a success and he could be tired, but it would not necessarily be so. Fortunately, other newspapers that were present in the early days said that Elvis' concerts at Lake Tahoe were much better than the ones he had given in Las Vegas three months earlier.
His voice was good, though he seemed a bit wary when he tackled the higher pitches. From the audios that we can listen to, Elvis did some very worthy concerts on the first dates. Even on May 13, an extra concert was held for his mother's day.
They say that Elvis was happy and dedicated, it was a benefit concert and for him, Mother's Day was sacred. Elvis usually played with all his heart and acted with enthusiasm, his voice shows correct performances, but it is true that the first days he did the best performances, until May 13th.
Proceeds from this special concert were donated to Barton Memorial Hospital in Lake Tahoe, which needed money for medical equipment. Elvis would speak little during it but sing better. It is a pity that there were no photographs of these concerts, because there is almost nothing of them.
But from the next day things changed, because something was not right, Elvis would begin to suffer mood swings and disgust...
A change that would affect the following performances...

"Following the Path of the King..."
From Tupelo to Memphis 76
Lake Tahoe. 1973

Elvis in Sahara Tahoe. May 1973
The value of the voice and the control of the mind

Elvis was a rather special artist in his habits, as a singer he never practiced vocalizations, like the rest of the professionals. He was not a technical singer, nor trained, nor did he need to, he was an artist at heart, since his self-taught way of singing and his gift were even more powerful than technique.
Interestingly, over the years his voice became even more powerful, with the maturity of time, he gave more body to his vocal cords. His way of warming up before going out was a physical training to concentrate and go on stage.
Elvis just gargled with salt and water, but he didn't usually have any other help. It is true that when he caught a cold, his voice was the first to suffer before any other part of his body.
But it is so well true that another type of more technical singer can sing with technique, even when affected by a cold.
Everything is different depending on the body, also on the mind and on the one who wants and knows how to sing. For Elvis these techniques neither caught his attention nor did he ever find it funny.

It is clear that he always worked for him, since when he sang, he did not show signs of fatigue and began his shows with central songs for his record and this would provide him with that training before facing more risky scores. But there is something very important when interpreting, the mind has to concentrate to let go of the feeling and be able to transmit the viewer with his voice. If the artist is tired, distressed, sick or affected by external agents such as temperature, drugs, etc. If he got carried away with other things, he wouldn't be able to give a good performance. His voice would not respond easily, since his physical state would react in an unpredictable way and could leave him hoarse or simply unstable on stage. Even leaving him short of breath, this evidently could have happened to him in Lake Tahoe, due to the altitude. But there was also a lack of rest, it may be a type of rest more mental than physical, an excessive dependence on drugs and the feeling of being trapped with no way out in the Hotel Sahara.
Elvis was in a place that two years earlier caused him that same feeling, because as he said he was tired of small trees and lakes. His wish was to escape. He physically complained of many ills, but the worst was in his mind, wishing to be free from this commitment.
Although he was hospitalized and released, Elvis could not or did not want to sing there and did, what he would never have wanted to do until now, cancel the last scheduled days. Eight performances that the Hotel Sahara would lose and the Colonel had to return the $100,000 profit from him, so he decided to take matters into his own hands...

"Following the Path of the King..."

The Performances at Lake Tahoe.

Second season. Elvis Presley

Comments about the Concerts: They say that the performance of "I,ll Remember You" was quite a funny version, which the public appreciated. Again he would sing "Bridge Over Troubled water" where it is among the highlights of the season, adding an extra ending to this song to the great glee of the audience. This was done by Elvis, when he was at ease, so it is evident that I could sing perfectly.
It is true that the critics were sometimes very harsh with him, but the audio contradicts these writings. The Songs would be the usual ones in his repertoire, but Elvis gave them another air, making mixes, rhythm changes...

In short, he wanted to vary the above and find something new within his own repertoire, despite the fact that he did not feel like singing other songs that he perfectly mastered and that could get him out of that Ferris wheel effect in the repertoire.
Elvis closed the extra concert on the 13th, in a special way. It was one of the best concerts of this second season in Lake Tahoe. Straight from "It,s Over," where he really dives into "Release Me." He yells the words of the first verse... "set me free and let me love again..." Then "Faded Love" follows and he sings his closing song "Can, t Help Falling In Love".
The songs of the repertoire were almost the same of the two previous seasons, it had not included any new song. He was not risking in his repertoire, that is, he did not have any challenge as a singer, which Elvis tried to include in his concerts on many occasions.
He really didn't need it at this time or he simply didn't question it, but surely the musicians who accompanied him did, the proof is that he had left TCB for years.
It is difficult to play the same thing over and over again, without having the sensation of being stuck in a wheel that does not stop and repeats itself. As of May 14, Elvis did not feel well, they said that he seemed short of breath and uneven in the interpretations.
The reason for this was the respiratory difficulties that were probably caused by Elvis, not being able to withstand the effort after the separation from him, the worries and the consequent use of medications.
Elvis was drowning in Lake Tahoe and needed to breathe... 26 shows. 8 cancelled...
After the interrupted season at Lake Tahoe, Elvis would return to his house to regain strength, when evil arrived, it disappeared. It was clear that the most isolated places like the Hilton Hotel or the Sahara, meant a mental suffocation for him...

"Following the Path of the King...


There were no new suits this season in May, it is true that Elvis had changed his weight, but he was more or less the same as in April, so no suits were made at the moment. It is believed that he repeated several of the April and Hilton seasons from the same year.
But the only one that there is a photograph is of the Fire suit or "Fire Suit" with a red lining cape.

"Blue Rain Suit" with cape lined in blue.
"Light Blue Teal Suit" with cape lined in gold.
"American Eagle Suit"
"Snowflake Suit" with Cloak
"Today Suit with Yellow Lined Cloak"
"Orange Sunburst Suit" Orange lining cape.
"Thunderbird Suit and Blue Cloak"
"Today Suit" or Pharaoh with yellow lined cape

Possible Jumpsuits used in Hotel Sahara May 1973

"Snowflake Suit" with Turquoise Cloak
It was a white jumpsuit with snowflake patterns, there was an earlier one that Elvis would wear in November 1971. The two suits had similar patterns, but the rhinestones that adorned them were different.
There are two snowflake patterns in the center, at the top behind the back and on the neck. Also on the outside of the sleeves and below down each leg crease, the end lined in turquoise. These patterns are adorned with gold-colored rhombus-shaped studs, also with pyramid-shaped studs.
Ornaments in imitation oval diamonds, in different sizes of blue or turquoise, they are called northern lights and had a blue tone with a titanium layer that gives them hues.
The white cape lined in turquoise fabric, with ornaments similar to the suit These are called Northern Lights and have a special The white leather belt, is adorned with four large colored medallions with the same studs and rhinestones as the suit. With two rows of silver and colored chains in six bows around.

"White Blue Snowflake Suit" or "Stone Snowflake Suit" were other names for the suit.
Elvis first wore it on April 26, 1973 in San Diego, California. It is believed that it was used in Lake Tahoe in May and June in July of the same year.

"Fire Suit" with cape red lining.
It is a white jumpsuit with drawings in flame-shaped patterns, on the chest, back and outside on the sleeves and legs. In the folds of the bottom it is lined in red. With small pointed gold studs in different sizes. There is also transparent red in the shape of a circle and an oval. The rhinestones are in different sizes. With rhinestones that carry a layer of titanium, this makes the color variable depending on the angle.
The cape also adorned with a large pattern of flames and the interior lined in red fabric.
The white leather belt of the same design as the suit, with two rows of silver and gold chains in six arcs around it. The belt was also worn by the "Pharaoh" on several occasions. Also called the "Red Flower Suit" it was worn for the first time in Phoenix, Arizona on April 22, 1973.
It was used again at Lake Tahoe in May 1973 and believed to be in Las Vegas in August 1973 and January February 1974. The last time in March 1974.

"Blue Rain Suit" with cape lined in Blue.
It is a white jumpsuit with patterns drawn in gray or metallic vertical lines and dome-shaped gold studs and dark blue rhinestones in various sizes, which simulate rain.
These patterns are arranged on the chest, back, around the neck, and the outside of the sleeves and pant legs.
In the folds of the legs, with dark blue lining. The cape is white with the same prints as the suit and inside it is lined with dark blue fabric. The belt was white leather with five gold squares with holes. Equally adorned with studs and rhinestones, like the suit. With two gold-colored chains in six bows that surround the belt. It is also known as the "'White Blue Rainfall Suit" or the "Nashville Suit".
He dressed in Las Vegas in January-February 1973, also on the April tour. Believed in Lake Tahoe and June/July 1973 tour.

"Thunderbird Suit" and blue lined cape. 
It was a white jumpsuit embellished with two large bird patterns on the front and back. These were made in costume jewelry in pink, red, and turquoise, with small, round, pointed gold-colored studs and flat round studs painted in pink. These also adorn around the neckline and on the outside of the sleeves, also on each side of the opening. on the pant legs and up to the large belt. The lining fabric of the pants is white, and for the first time, Doucette had also decorated the lining with jewels. 
The cape has a large bird pattern on the outside, with outstretched wings, made with the same type of jewels, and the inside of the cape has a blue lining. The design of this suit was inspired by an ancient native legend Americans on giant birds that could shoot lightning with their eyes and throw thunder when they flapped their wings. 
The Jack Lord belt. It was designed by Bill Belew's assistant, Gene Doucette. It was leather that Elvis used with this suit in 1972, it was white with many patterns in rhinestones of different colors. With three brass chains, in seven pains around the bottom of the belt. This belt did not have a name because it did not match any suit and it would finally be called Jack Lord, because Elvis gave it to his friend Jack and his wife, in Las Vegas in the 8th season of 1973. 
Elvis liked this belt very much and He always wore it because of this he gave it to Jack. Elvis wore the "Thunderbird Suit", "Stone Eagle Suit" or "Phoenix Suit" for the first time on November 11 in Oakland, California and later on November 17 in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1972. An original belt was made in early 1973 that has four bird patterns similar to the ones on the suit, only smaller. Among these are studs and jewels in patterns similar to those on the suit. At the bottom of the belt are two golden chains in six bows around the belt. 
This suit was worn at least once in Las Vegas on February 17, 1973 at the dinner with the new belt. And once on tour in April of the same year, maybe also in Lake Tahoe in May. It was used once more, this time in Atlanta on June 30, 1973, where Elvis gave the suit and belt to a five-year-old boy named Robbie Barnes, who was in the audience dressed in a white jumpsuit. 

"Light Blue Teal Suit" with Gold Lining Cape.
 "Light Teal Suit and Gold Cloak" is a light blue or turquoise suit. Embellished with patterns in circles of different sizes. With eroded studs in the shape of a gold rhombus and in the shape of a triangular pyramid. With blue and green rhinestones. There are no photos on stage. With five patterns from the armpit The titanium-colored Cloak changes according to the angle from which it is viewed. It had five patterns from the armpit to the end of the folds, which had a golden border. Same embellishment as on Upper sleeves, chest, shoulders and back. Also lower sleeves with a different pattern. 
The outside of the cloak was light blue with a large circle pattern and eight small ones. 
The cape lined in gold. The light blue leather belt has a blue face on the belt buckle. With the same decorations as the suit. With three gold colored chains in six bows on it. It is known by more names "Light Blue Teal Suit", "Light Blue Space ball Suit", "Light Blue Pinwheel"
 It was first worn in Las Vegas in January-February of 1973. It is also believed in Lake Tahoe in May of the same year when it was enlarged and shortened at the end of February by Mr. Guy, a tailoring company in Las Vegas. Some wonderful suits that Elvis would wear as always, adding color and personality in his shows.

"Today Suit with Yellow Lined Cloak" or "Pharaoh Suit"
 "Pharaoh", "Egyptian" also known as "Mayan Suit"It is a white suit with a printed design that resembles the ornaments that the pharaohs wore, according to the design of Doucette, although it also had Mayan influence.It was arranged around the neck, back and chest.Also adorning in a circle placed on the shoulders, unlike the neck with square patterns on the back and on the chest opening.Also on the sleeves with circular patterns is, at the elbow, also on sleeves and outside of the legs. On the legs the fold in yellow lining. The patterns are made with studs in the shape of a circular, oval, triangular and square pyramid in gold and some in turquoise. The cape was white on the outside lined with yellow fabric. The belt was original white leather adorned with six golden medallions that represent to a man with a spear. Around with studs and rhinestones just like the suit. The original belt was only used in the first season in Las Vegas 1973, because he gave it away Later Elvis used "Fire Suit Belt" with the exception of Pittsburgh on June 26 where he used "Nail Studded Belt". The suit was worn in season 8 of January-February 1973. Also in the tour of April of the same year and again in Lake Tahoe in May. The last time on tour in the city of Atlanta, on July 3, 1973.

 "Orange Sunburst Suit" Orange lining cape
It is also known as the "Sunlight Suit". It was a white jumpsuit with a sunburst or sunburst-like drawing design with its center, in the middle of the chest, extending in various directions. The design was the same on the back. On the legs, the kick pleats lined in orange. The embellishments of the designs were rhinestones in brown, with the light dark orange, and studded. On the outside of the sleeves there are also sunburst extensions from the chest and back . Adorned with patterns made with round pointed, flat and oval gold, yellow and transparent studs. 
The cape was white on the outside, with the same design as the suit, lined in Orange. 
The original belt was leather with a design of six gold-colored clams distributed around the belt, with two more on the buckle. With adornments like the suit, in rhinestones and studs. Adds two gold-colored chains in six bows around the belt. First used in Las Vegas Season 8. January-February 1973. Also on the April tour (without the cape) and twice on the April tour. 
June 1973. It is not clear if he dressed in Lake Tahoe 1973, in summer and in Las Vegas 9 season. It was used on the March 1974 tour.

"Following the Path of the King..."

Renew and Live 1973.
The year of the ups and downs

The last days at the Sahara Hotel, starting on May 16, 1973, Elvis decided to cancel the concerts. He was suffering from respiratory problems and had to be treated in an emergency room, where he underwent chest x-rays, although he was later released. His main issue was his emotional stress and fatigue, with his physical changes, his lack of sleep, and his excess of drugs, adding to the feeling of being locked in there with no freedom.
In this way Elvis would return to his house, canceling 8 shows, something that could have been avoided but it was his own decision and nobody could do anything.
Everyone was surprised, since many times they saw that Elvis acted even though he was not feeling well. This was the first time he had pushed aside his beloved audience to get away from Lake Tahoe. Elvis was drowning there, as he would say, he was tired and the excuse of respiratory problems was a good one to cancel.
The Sahara Hotel manager was very upset about this and Colonel Parker had to commit to covering these shows in a future season.
He was also very angry because he had also lost his bonus benefits that he had to pay back and he would complain to Elvis's father, Vernon, about all this.
It is true that everyone was very worried about what was happening, even his daughter Lisa Marie, who was still very young, would see strange changes in her father. She once saw him take pills and she would remember that on one occasion while watching a TV show, she said to her father: "Daddy, daddy, I don't want you to die" and Elvis just looked at her and said: "Okay, I won't. Don't worry about it." He told her that several times when they were alone.
Lisa was barely five and a half years old, but her memory was left with a sense of fear for him. Dr. Nichopoulos said that Elvis already had bladder and bowel problems, but he would also see him as a hard-core addict. He forbade her to take other drugs that he had not prescribed, he had been telling her for a long time.
But he knew that he was not paying attention to her, she warned him that this would cause serious problems and danger to his health. Vernon, his father, who did not trust the doctor, finally ended up believing him, because he saw that he was not the one who was giving him extra medication.
Everyone was seeing changes in Elvis and knew that his mood, his way of being and his health problems could trigger something worse. Colonel Parker and Vernon hired John O'Grady, friend and policeman, to investigate what was going on and find out who was helping Elvis.
Over a period that lasted for months, it was discovered that three doctors and a dentist were the ones who supplied Elvis with all pharmaceuticals. They were all threatened and deliveries were even intercepted, but this was not enough, because Elvis did not want to change, he considered everything he was consuming necessary and no one would change his mind.
In addition, there was someone from his own environment who also helped him, there were acquaintances with medical relatives, etc. The FBI in its investigations would report years later on more powerful suppliers that provided narcotics to artists, so it would be known that Elvis was one of them.
Larry Geller, a trusted friend of Elvis, would return to the group from 1972 and would say that at this time, Elvis had used liquid cocaine that he obtained from his dentist in California. Also Dilaudid liquid, this was what Elvis used the most, it was a drug prescribed for terminal cancer patients. But for Elvis this did not mean drugs, but prescriptions from his doctors necessary to be able to stay well.
In his mind, they were only prescription drugs and he justified himself with this, he never considered that he was consuming as if he were a drug addict, since it was always the doctors who authorized everything he consumed. All this affected his relationship with others, especially with Colonel Parker, with whom he would begin to have problems.
Despite having a woman by his side who loved him, Linda Thompson, who was looking out for him at all times, it was not enough. Linda tried not to let her depend on this and she took care that she was not harmed when he was affected, if he fell asleep eating, etc.
But her emptiness, his loneliness, her sense of loss, she had not been filled, nor with her music, it was necessary to stop, change course, renew...
Fortunately Elvis whenever he was falling, like a cat with his seven lives, he knew how to get back up and keep going!

"Following the Path of the King..."yendo, como un gato con sus siete vidas, sabía volver a levantarse y seguir adelante!
"Siguiendo el Camino de el Rey..."

The inner world of Elvis

The Unreasons of Fate

Larry Geller was one of the Mafia members and a friend of Elvis who could better understand Elvis' spirit world. They met in April 1964, when he was called as a hairdresser for Elvis, but it would be the first time he talked with him, they talked about everything in life, then Elvis listened to him and also talked about his curiosities.
It was an important moment for Elvis, that he discovered with Larry another world different from the one he was used to, their conversation lasted three hours.
Larry introduced him to the spiritual readings, to the most transcendental conversations, to a different world that Elvis had longed for. Because he asked himself so many unanswered questions that he needed to find himself and believe.
The impact of him as a person was very great on Elvis, so much so that the Colonel wanted to keep him away from him for a while so that he would not become obsessed with these things.
Elvis felt a desire to know and know, he spent his days reading, but the Colonel would see him obsessed by all this and saw that it was detrimental to his professional goals. But finally Larry, who was a good friend, would return to Elvis's side, because it really was a difficult moment and he was needed. Elvis talked to Larry at length about his most personal things, about his thoughts, and proof of this is one of the conversations he had with him: Elvis would tell him that he grew up in the heart of the South, where they were very poor, he had lived things that he described from pain, tragedy, to reaching glory far beyond his dreams.
It was evident that this transformation was so great for him, that it was difficult to assimilate. But he explained to her that he really felt there must be a reason, a real answer to why all of this. He wondered why him? and not another boy.
Larry told him that it was not the product of chance, but that he believed it was the work of God, Larry had learned that we are all connected to an infinite, intelligent, living universe and that behind each event there is a chain of causes, of reasons for all. But Elvis added that he believed what Larry told him, but he had more questions, about his twin brother Jesse Garon, wondering why he was stillborn and what would have happened to his life if he had lived.
He also wondered why his mother died so soon after suffering so much, just when he was already happy?
All this was nailed inside him and Elvis felt terribly alone, he said how empty his existence was sometimes.
Larry felt his pain and also wondered if perhaps meeting Elvis was related to his own purpose. It is true that opening his heart to him could relieve him a little of all that burden that he could not bear, although Larry could not answer all his questions. Elvis lived day by day, he felt the moment, he was always cheerful and wanted to enjoy things, but he carried a terrible burden inside him.
If he had left all these thoughts behind and turned to people, in moments of happiness that were many too, it is possible that all this would have minimized these obsessions in his mind. His music was his reason for living, but artists sometimes have complicated moments just like anyone else, in which they temporarily lose themselves in a personal vacuum, which can lead to a change that could affect his artistic path. .
Elvis would always look for his reason for living

"Following the Path of the King..."

"The Obligation of the Artist".
Lake Tahoe dream location.

Lake Tahoe Hotel Sahara.

16 to 27 May 1975
22 shows. 2 cancelled. season 3

Elvis Presley was back at the Sahara Hotel, it was his third season there.
The vacation spot that they describe as wonderful and spectacular, for Elvis it was a place where he was locked up for two weeks without being able to lead a normal life or at least he believed that he couldn't do anything. Surely if he had planned properly he could have enjoyed some sport or a visit to the surroundings, but his status as an artist and famous man had him handcuffed at the Hotel.
The feeling was like in Las Vegas, but there was also the altitude factor that affected his voice a lot. Elvis was very sensitive to changes in temperature, at least they affected his vocal cords, although curiously his nocturnal habits were very peculiar and the temperature he maintained in his bedroom when he slept was very low. But in Lake Tahoe what affected Elvis the most was his boredom and the feeling of being a prisoner during the time he had to perform. He was even worse than Las Vegas, since he couldn't go anywhere and was in the middle of great landscapes that meant nothing to him.
It was a forced and heavy contract and something special always happened. But Elvis would take it in the best of humor, since the days of performance would be similar to the tour of days ago in California.
Normally there were two performances per day, except for the inauguration.

As always in Lake Tahoe the reception was good, the public welcomes him with open arms and fortunately Elvis seemed to be in a good mood, joking with the public, cheerful.
Elvis was vocally confident, it shows in the performances, but it must also be said that his repertoire was not risky at all. There are no surprises in terms of the songs he was going to sing, but it was expected and people wanted to hear the usual songs.

About the Lake Tahoe performances, Ed Sullivan's "Little Old New York." he would write in his column: "Elvis Presley's opening at Sahara Tahoe is a blockbuster."
An anecdote that he would tell said that a girl in the audience shouted: "I love you."
To which Elvis replied, "'I love you too, but what can I do about it here on stage? Maybe we can arrange something after the show..."

A novelty would be that for the first time Voice opened the concert opening, then Sweet Inspirations and as usual Jackie Kahane. Next was Elvis's performance with his show.
Voice carried his own band of musicians and Per-Erik Hallin was on piano as part of the backing group for the vocal trio.

Elvis would be very close to his audience, cheerful and joking. In his performances we can hear again that game with his fans, with his movements, his intention and response from the public. Everything seemed to be normal except for a couple of days when he had to be suspended due to voice problems.
Although everyone was delighted to be in Lake Tahoe, for Elvis it was always a must, he had been a bit choked since the first season.
"Following the Path of the King..."

"The contradictions of the press"
Performances in Lake Tahoe May 1974

On the Lake Tahoe performances there were very different reviews, good and bad.
It was contradictory to Elvis, by some journalists. The San Francisco Examiner described an opening show as "listless, uninspired, and downright tired."
We always advise listening to the recording, to the public, to Elvis. Because the opinion of the journalists was always critical, but the public is demanding and applauds, laughs and enjoys...
Although Variety said that he looked good, although he was a bit overweight, Elvis acted with an engaging air of humor and self-deprecation, but Elvis's appeal hasn't diminished. Most of the material he sang was drawn from past crowd-pleasing hits, with a few new ones, like "Help Me," his latest single, or "Let Me Be There." They were saying that after nearly 20 years, there was no denying that Elvis's standards would bear repetition, but they were suggesting a boost in his show should he develop a new specialty.

Two shows were canceled this season because, as he complained, he had "the flu." Lamar Fike called such events "Vegas Gorge", meaning Elvis simply didn't want to continue and offered illness as an excuse, but we do know that Elvis was affected by these temperature changes.
In this place Elvis drowned like in a well of water and it affected his voice, but it is also unfair because of what we can hear in several concerts.

It is true that much has been written about the performances that Elvis did in all the years of his concerts, but we have to say that from the year 1974, what has been written is from a negative point of view.
We sincerely believe that Elvis was personally in poor health, but his energy in May 1974 would still give much to talk about. Always listening to his recordings from his time, for example in his performances in Lake Tahoe in May 1974, we can observe his voice in top form and his humor as well. Despite the fact that he continued with his habits, Elvis could sing and very well.
In these concerts he is heard close to his audience, having fun and having fun with the shows.
It is true that the songs are the same as always and that efforts would not wear out, but really when you go to see your favorite artist you want to enjoy yourself.
And what is clear is that Elvis concerts were enjoyed, therefore we cannot judge without first listening to the many recordings that exist from this time.

Starting in Las Vegas, the circumstances were going to change, but many things have also been said that despite being real, were sporadic and the rest of his work cannot be obscured, only for a few days.
In Lake Tahoe, Elvis was devoted to the public and he is heard well, but obviously it would be better to ask the public about him.
"Following the Path of the King..."

"Magic on Stage"
JUMPSUITS Lake Tahoe 3 
Hotel Tahoe. May 1974

As mentioned; Elvis was given four new outfits before his last tour in May and he wore them all in Lake Tahoe, too, even without the original belts that weren't made yet. Just before the Lake Tahoe season began, Elvis got another outfit for his stage wardrobe, this time with an original belt at the end of the season. Elvis used the belt designed for the "Arab Costume" for the "Inca Gold Leaf Costume" the first few times he wore this costume.

"Inca Gold Leaf Suit"

Inca Gold Leaf Suit" was a white jumpsuit with embroidered square patterns on the belly, chest and shoulders and on the back.
With the same design on the sides of the legs. At the bottom lined in gold.
In the pants also with squares; they lean against each other of threads in red, blue and orange color. With golden embroidery inside, which have studs.
With a high neck adorned with triangles and on the front part of the shoulders it has 12 patterns with squares, with a thick golden thread, also on the back.
In his cuffs he has three white cufflinks.
The white leather belt bears five golden medallions of Indian heads. With embroidery of studs and rhinestones. With two golden chains in six arches.
It was inspired by the "Faraon" costume, although it looks more like the costumes of the Incas.

Elvis first wore it in Lake Tahoe in May 1974. Also on the tour in June and Las Vegas in August of the same year.
Elvis would use it again on his September-October 1976 tour, changing the belt buckle for the "Dragon Suit".
Also on the November tour and in Las Vegas and in December 1976.

"Anecdotes that take their toll". Lake Tahoe 3. From Tupelo to Memphis

Sahara Tahoe Hotel, May 1974
Elvis had been offered $1 million to tour Australia, but he inexplicably turned it down.
We don't know if Elvis was informed by Colonel Parker, but this tour would have been a change of course and for Elvis a mental refreshment, as well as a challenge.

Another more serious anecdote occurred at the Sahara Hotel.
On May 20, 1974, party-goer Edward Ashley was drunk and wanted to show off to some girls. He said that he was a personal friend of Elvis and wanted them to meet him.
He obviously wasn't his friend, just a simple acquaintance, because Elvis's security didn't let him pass.
He got so mad, David Stanley tried to stop him, Edward turned on him and Sonny West punched him hard and he fell to the ground. All this was very confusing, because no one really knew why this guy wanted to enter the Suite.
Elvis didn't understand anything either and he thought that he had come to kidnap Lisa Marie and his reaction was also clear because he took out his .45 in one hand and a Thompson submachine gun in the other. The poor girl was with him, hiding behind. She would be scared to death at such a ruckus.

Edward Ashley was handcuffed and put on a bed, but he managed to see Elvis who asked him what he was doing. Instead of giving her a logical answer, he started kicking, hitting Sonny. In reaction to his kicks, Red West hit him, breaking his jaw.
The scene was overflowing because Elvis had to hold him forward so he wouldn't choke on his own blood.

Things would end badly since Edward sued Elvis for damages and it cost him a considerable amount of money to settle. The guy was a face, a liar and he caused this whole situation.
Since Elvis did not want bad publicity, he accepted without saying more and the truth is that he could have sued because this guy also entered with violence and had witnesses everywhere.
It is evident that he never had a good lawyer, because if he had, he would have acted differently.

It is true that violence was not the solution either, since they could have asked the police to take him away. Everything was done wrong and the victim was Elvis, but he really always gave very precise orders to his bodyguard and they followed them to the letter.
This was the consequence.
"Following the Path of the King..."

"Growing up in the face of adversity"
Lake Tahoe 4. Elvis Presley

Lake Tahoe, Season 4
October 11 to 14, 1974
8 shows.

Elvis Presley finished his concert tour and two days later he was back in Lake Tahoe, he had to make up some shows that he had canceled in May of the previous year due to illness.
It would be 4 days at the Hotel Sahara, in which he would perform 8 shows with good reviews from the press. It seemed that things had changed from one moment to the next. The truth is that despite having finished an unstable tour, Elvis put on good shows and there had also been changes from the press. With all this, his good work was still going to be recognized in these four days, since Elvis always returned to being himself. He always had an enviable humor and a way of being that left everything behind to return to his path and move on.
Fortunately Elvis was accompanied by his girlfriend Linda Thompson, with whom Elvis had more control over himself. He didn't go too far in consuming his pills and this made him obviously able to offer some good shows. Linda was always looking out for him, at all times and this was reason enough for Elvis to feel more secure.
Despite the altitude of the place, Elvis's voice was fine and he would sing in a dedicated way and best of all, he continued to have his mood on the rise.

In the Concert Hall there was a problem regarding the sound and Elvis took these incidents in a good mood that could be resolved. He was showing his best smile and even joking with the audience. That grayish shadow that had accompanied him the first days of the previous tour seemed to have passed.
The Hotel Tahoe had already changed the dinners in the room, for small tables for appetizers, so there was more capacity during the performances, which of course were full.
The name of Elvis Presley was always a claim for the public at the Sahara Hotel and for this reason these concerts were very well received.
As for news, Elvis had already included in previous concerts some extra performance by a member of the choir, musician, etc., in the introductions to his Show.
In these performances, Elvis wanted his soprano Kathy Westmoreland to sing a solo for the first time, but during her concert.
Kathy performed "My Heavenly Father", Elvis was very proud of her solo soprano and also let her repeat in later performances.
He would also sing a duet with her Hawaiian 'wedding Song", the last parts of the song.
The closing show was always a reason for jokes, laughter. It lasted about 75 minutes and Elvis and the musicians were in great spirits.
When Elvis sang with "Kathy, instead of hearing his wonderful voice he heard the bass voice of J. D. Sumner, singing "I...love you." Elvis couldn't go on, he laughed so hard he could barely keep up with it. show.
They were moments that deserved to be witnessed. The public of the Sahara Hotel, like the Hilton, were used to it because there was more privacy.
These jokes were hard to do on tour, because they were very big venues and they didn't usually do it.
These days would be completely different from the previous tour and Elvis was once again enjoying the stage with his musicians.
"Following the Path of the King..."

In good or bad company. 
October 1974.

 Elvis Presley was always a special man, he wanted to be in good company so he wouldn't feel alone. Regardless of his mafia friends, he liked the company of women and at this time in October 1974, he had a formal girlfriend Linda Thompson and an informal girlfriend Sheila Ryan. Linda lived with him at Graceland and Sheila accompanied him on a tour, the strange thing is that Linda put up with this situation.
 On the October tour, Sheila accompanied Elvis and demonstrated with this that she was not the most suitable person for Elvis to feel good about himself. It was a disaster, he had no control and this had transpired on stage.
 The difference when Elvis performed in Lake Tahoe was spectacular. Linda was already with him and his influence was clear.
 Linda was understanding, caring and more or less had some control over his medications, his habits. She treated him as if she were a nurse and this meant that Elvis did not have serious mishaps.
 But most importantly Elvis felt safe and this made his performances magnificent in October 1974 in Lake Tahoe.

 Interestingly there were problems with the tickets because someone had them sold on the black market and there were duplicates. But this could be remedied so that everyone could come in and see it. Some fan queued up to 13 hours to get the ticket from him.
 The critics this time would be generous and fair to Elvis.
 When he left Lake Tahoe
  Elvis divided his time the rest of the year living in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Memphis.
 Elvis was supposed to perform in January 1975.
  On December 5, The Hilton Hotel announced that Elvis would perform there from January 26 to February of the next year.

 Despite it being a good concert year overall, Colonel Parker and Elvis had neglected their recording career because there was no recording etc.
 This had a negative effect on his chart placement, and on Billboard, by the end of the year, Elvis was at number 67 as an individual artist and number 35 as an album artist.

 After the concerts, Elvis travels to Las Vegas with Sheila Rya, placing himself in the care of Elias Ghanem, one of the doctors who had treated him once.
 But there really wasn't a guarantee that this doctor would be the right one for him.
 The intention was to find the cause of Elvis' intestinal problems, so several tests were ordered. They called it a "nonpenetrating ulcer crater," along with "edematous mucosal folds." Elvis underwent a special diet to sleep by order of the Dr. It consisted of liquid nutrition and sedated rest.
 But the result would be unsuccessful, Elvis gained weight and nothing had been solved.
 Elvis trusted this doctor but instead of benefiting he was harmed.
 "Following the Path of the King..."

Magic on stage. Jumpsuit
Lake Tahoe, Season 4.  8 shows

"Mad Tiger Suit"
"Dragon Suit"
"Blue Swirl Suit"
"Peacock Suit", "
"Mexican Sundial Suit"
"Embroidered Arabian Suit"

In these four days of performance Elvis would wear 6 suits, four recent and two that were brand new. The showiness of these jumpsuits on stage was wonderful, since they were all very striking and exotic, on the other hand Elvis had stopped liking for the moment the two-piece leather suits that he had worn in Las Vegas, although he did use them in his Personal life.
The new suits were designed by Gene Doucette and known as the "Mexican Sundial Suit" and the "Embroidered Arabian Suit".

"Embroidered Arabian Suit"

It's a white jumpsuit with a design very similar to the spectacular "Arabian Suit" from 1973, but this set from 1974 has fantastic patterns embroidered with round clear rhinestones in blue, purple, light green and orange colors, with a gold thread around the edges. . They are Arabic drawings that resemble the spades in a deck of cards.
They are arranged at the chest opening, over the shoulders and at the lower back and at the neck. Also in the folds of the pants, lined in blue fabric.
On the gold embroideries there are small round and pointed gold studs. The suit has 3 white cufflinks on each cuff.
With an original white leather belt it has 3 hollow gold colored square medallions and a round bronze medallion in the middle. With the same embroidered patterns. With a bronze chain and a gold chain in six arcs around the belt.

Other names: "Ace of Spades" or "King of Spades".
It premiered in October 1974, in Lake Tahoe. The next time Elvis wore this beautiful outfit was on October 18, 1976 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This time, Elvis wore another belt belonging to the 1975 "V-Neck Suit." He wore this outfit many times in the late fall of 1976 on tour and in Las Vegas.
  On March 24, 1977, Elvis began wearing the original belt again. And on June 18, 1977.

"Mexican Sundial Suit"

  This suit was made as far back as 1974, prior to this Lake Tahoe season. Gene Doucette says that he only made one suit in this pattern.
"Mexican Sundial Suit" is a white jumpsuit with a pattern similar to one of the two Aztec calendars, which have their origins in the calendar of the Mayan Indians. Tonalpohualli is the name of the Aztec sacred calendar that was used for worship and rituals were read from the calendar, it was a sacrificial design made on the Sun stone.

The suit has two large circular patterns embroidered in the colors orange, brown, it has a slightly thicker thread in a gold, silver color.
A circle on the chest and another on the back.
The same in the same colors on the neck and on the outside of the pants, lined with a golden fabric.
Patterns are embellished with bronze gilt pyramid studs. And inside the embroidered little mirrors and
small round colored stones. The suit had three white cufflinks on each cuff.

The white leather belt with two rows of round pointed bronze studs at the top and bottom. Between these is an embroidered row of similar patterns with the same studs, mirrors, and rhinestones. Featuring five large, round and flat silver patterns with 21 hemisphere-shaped gold studs around the belt and one on the large buckle. He wears a bronze-colored chain and a golden one in six arcs.

The "Mexican Sundial Suit" or "Aztec Sun Suit" or "Pizza Suit" as some called it, was first worn on October 12, 1974, at the midnight show in Lake Tahoe. This was the only time the suit was worn in 1974. As we all know, it was worn again on February 17, 1977 in Savannah, Georgia, and was worn a total of 37 times that year, the last time being on February 26. June 1977 in Indianapolis. Indiana. This was the last concert Elvis Presley did before he died on August 16, 1977.
Two spectacular costumes that made his performance even more spectacular, striking and magnificently designed this time by Gene Douccette. They would be one of the most beautiful designs that Elvis Presley would wear in recent years.
"Following the Path of the King..."

Season 5. Hotel Sahara 1976
"The lack of control of the Artist"

Elvis was back for his fifth Season at the Sahara Hotel, Lake Tahoe, three days after the last Tour. He was scheduled to perform 14 shows from April 30 to May 9, 1976.
Elvis was in good spirits, although he did not look physically well, since he seemed to be in poor health and continued to gain weight. He intended to liven up his repertoire with requests from the public and this is what was done, they chose songs that sometimes he did not even remember the lyrics because he had not sung them in many years.

The Hotel announced the sale of tickets for these concerts and the phone lines were jammed for 2 weeks, excited fans wanted to see Elvis.
The Sahara Hotel in this new and last Season in Lake Tahoe, did not know how to properly manage the box office, it was disappointing since the lack of Fan management meant that many people who had their ticket to see Elvis Presley, could not enter his show . This created riots outside the Hotel, they called the Police to stop fights, because the Hotel had made more reservations than it could offer. Fans traveling from afar had no real guarantee of knowing if they would see the Show. There were many fans who queued for 4 or 5 hours but they were not staying at the Hotel, they came from very distant distances and were not in for confusion.
It was very difficult to get in because it was full and the High Sierra room was to blame for everything, the only solution they offered was to give way to more people than the capacity of the Room allowed. Having capacity for 1,400 people for a midnight show or 1,200 if there was dinner with the show, they made way for 1,700 people for both. This was a risk for all attendees and fortunately no misfortune would happen.
Those who were able to see Elvis' shows were excited because they had managed to get in.

Elvis was not in good health and he continued taking drugs, the musicians could witness how he was deteriorating day by day. He would sometimes come on stage when he seemed half asleep. Other nights he was so tired or depressed that he couldn't remember the words to some songs. His drummer, Ronnie Tutt felt that he had to hit the drums harder to cover up the mistakes. But obviously the Fans who had seen him since the first Season would be witnesses of how Elvis was. But there was not only fatigue, there were health problems that he could not forget since the doctors had advised him not to do so many concerts. For Elvis, his image before the public was always very important, but at this time he could no longer really control what was happening to him.
"Following the Way of the King..."

Lake Tahoe, Hotel Sahara
Session 5 15 Shows
April 30 to May 9, 1976

Elvis worked hard during this Lake Tahoe engagement, which would prove to be his last. He no longer had the impressive vision that he had until recently: his face was swollen and obesity greatly hindered his performance on stage. But even though Elvis was in bad shape, he was no worse off than he himself realized and did his best to put on good shows which, musically, he partly achieved.
There was a slight improvement in his choice of songs compared to the last few tours and Elvis tried to give his best.

Elvis's last concert was dedicated to Mother's Day, Elvis was more talkative with the audience unlike the previous Tour and the relationship with those present was particularly good. He performed songs that he did not usually sing on stage and his voice was good, the Show lasted 2 hours.
But all this was just appearance because Elvis continued with his physical problems, his pain, his habits.
Despite having so much pain, because he suffered from various ailments, he had a swollen heart, a liver that was twice his normal size, glaucoma and a twisted colon.
It was too much for him.
O'Grady called Elvis' Beverly Hills attorney, Ed Hookstratton, and told him that he believed Elvis would not live more than a year if he was not admitted to the hospital. The two wanted to help him and take him to a hospital in San Diego, a famous rehabilitation clinic for well-off people called Scripps. If Elvis accepted he would stay for 3 to 4 months, then stay at a private property in Hawaii.
For this O'Grady first wanted to convince Priscilla and her sister Michelle about her, to encourage her to accept. Priscilla thought it would be a good opportunity to change and leave her problems behind and tried to convince him when she went to see him in Memphis. She explained everything to him so that he would be clear about what it could be like, but Elvis said that he could take care of himself and refused to accept the proposal.
As he always said, he didn't want interference from anyone, but he really was sicker than he could imagine to realize that this help was necessary.

But surely there were other more powerful reasons to reject this proposal, especially economic, since without income for so long. Elvis would go bankrupt if he didn't fulfill his commitments, this would be in his mind and even if he wanted to leave him, he would want to do it his way. But in the end he would not have the courage to do it and all this added up to endless worries, which as always Elvis tried to ignore.
"Following the Way of the King..."

"The Magic of Jumpsuits"ELVIS PRESLEY
Lake Tahoe 5

On this tour Elvis Presley wore the same suits that he had previously worn, possibly for comfort, because he had gained weight and no designs were made at this time. Between tours there was little time for this, since he only rested for three days and Elvis did not allow himself to be measured, so Bill Belew and Gene Douccette had to make assumptions about his size.

Jumpsuits Elvis Presley 
Hotel Tahoe 5. 1976

"White Egyptian Bird Suit"

A white jumpsuit with a bird pattern embroidered on each side of the chest and a head on each shoulder With two large wings that cross each other at the back. the wings and tail lower below the belt. The jumpsuit is decorated with embroidery on the neck, also on the hips and on the outside of the legs. He dresses it in light blue shirt sleeves with an ornament of embroidered bands around the wrists. The embroidery with circular transparent rhinestones in different colors, were made in rust red, brown, purple, blue, black and yellow, have a thicker golden thread that forms the exterior or interior lines. With an original white leather belt that carries six square gold medallions, with a drawing of the sun in the center simulating a face. In the same way that the suit has embroidery with rhinestones, on the top and bottom of it.
Elvis wore the suit for the first time in Las Vegas in December 1975. Also in March 1976, in June, in September 1976. It is believed that to make the suit he was inspired by the 1956 film The Ten Commandments. The decorations Egyptians of similar birds in the throne rooms are similar.

"Blue Egyptian Bird Suit"

A white jumpsuit again and also similar to the other known suit, "White Egyptian Bird Suit", but it has blue as the main color for differences. The shirt was white and had embroidered bands on the wrists. Like the other White suit, it had an original blue leather belt, with the same embroidered design as the white one. With six golden medallions, oval with an eagle with the flag and an emblem of the Seal of the President of the United States. With a bronze chain and a gold chain as always in six arches.
The "Blue Egyptian" Suit premiered in March 1976 on Tour 16, then in April 1976 on Tour 17 and also in the last Season 5 in Lake Tahoe in May of the same year. Elvis used it on the rest of the tours until September from 1976. This suit was given other names such as "Blue Prehistoric Bird Suit" or "Blue Bicentennial Suit".

"V-Neck Suit"
A white suit with a large V-shaped opening on the chest. Adorned with white shirt sleeves that are sewn with elastic bands around the wrists. Around the sleeves there is an embroidered beige striped zigzag pattern with six small brown stripes. It had bright tube decorations on the sleeves that were similar to those used in wedding clothes. It has an ornament of a straight line that goes down to the outside of the legs, an embroidered strip in blue and brown in the beige center, adorned with small circular diamond imitations in green and light blue.
With a white leather belt adorned with three turquoise, brown and beige stripes. With green and blue rhinestones. With a buckle that has the same ornament and a large square gold medallion with five turquoise imitation diamond stones. Without chains on it, it would be the first.
This suit premiered in Las Vegas, December 1975. He also wore it at the Pontiac Concert on December 31, 1975, when he tore the pants of his "Rainfall" suit. He also wore it in March and April 1976, at Lake Tahoe in May of the same year. On the May/June 1976 Tour.

"Chicken Bone Suit"

Dark blue suit, a jumpsuit with an oval-shaped opening on the chest, with it he wore a turquoise shirt with elastic band sleeves sewn around the wrists. At the end of the sleeves with gold embroidery. The inspiration for the patterns is believed to have come from the South American Aztec people. It has a double zigzag decoration with embroidery on the oval opening that was arranged on the chest, also on the collar and on the shirt sleeves. With embroidered dream catchers and square patterns on the stomach, which go down to the bottom over the knees. Also with three arranged on the back, in front below the knees and at the end of the pants leg. Also a triangle made of turquoise fabric with the same prints with handmade fringes. With embroidery and very small jewelry, in blue, rust red, white, gold and silver. He wears five white bear claws on each side of the chest opening and over the patterns on the rest of the suit. The original black leather belt, made with an embroidered dreamcatcher pattern. with transparent rhinestones of different colors. With oval gold-colored studs that form patterns. He wears a gold-colored buckle with an embroidered zigzag pattern. At the bottom with a gold chain in six arches.
Elvis wore this suit on Tour 15, July 1975 and on Season 13 in August of the same year in Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel. It is possible that Elvis used it in Las Vegas in December of the same year, but there are no photos. In 1976 he would use it again in the March and April Tours. The last one dressed him in Lake Tahoe in the May 1976 season. He would wear a matching black leather choker, with a white and blue stripe, although he also used it with the "Chief" suit. This suit would have several names: "Black Aztec Suit", Dark Blue Aztec Suit" , "Bear Claw Suit", "Tiger Tooth Suit" or "Alpine Suit".

"The last season at the Sahara Hotel"

These would be Elvis Presley's last performances at the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe, the fifth Season. A place that was never to Elvis' liking, due to his difficulties adapting to the temperature and altitude, since he always had voice and breathing problems due to these factors.
A cursed place where unpleasant anecdotes also occurred and on the other hand there were also funny ones. But Elvis did not like being in the Hotel where he felt outside of his world, without being able to go anywhere and because of the isolation that the place represented, for many wonderful, but it never pleased him.
The good thing about this place is the audience that was loyal to him and traveled from all over to be able to see his performances and take advantage of a few days of vacation.
In short, a dream place for many, also symbolic for fans, but disgusting for Elvis Presley.
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